Mind Seeds

Published August 31, 2020 by tindertender

When we dream, we travel, we receive ‘visitors’ both of the positive and of the negative.

When we wake with doubt about self, or those we have relation with, we must evaluate carefully, for often these thoughts are sourced from implanted seeds meant to manipulate our life.

Using intuition, we can gain a sense of whether these seeds are of a positive supportive measure, or simply an attempt to get one to reject that which is making them more powerful ….

Seeds … of doubt, for self and others
Seeds … of anger, jealousy, or sadness
Seeds …

We are the master gardener of our house.

We choose what implants to water and give life to.

We choose which to pluck from our consciousness and give to our mother, the earth, to do with what she wills.

Reject or accept … the choice is ours.

The attempts to steer us will not end until we are able to master our garden, plucking the weeds as the enemy tries to plant them, marring our perfect creation.

Attention to the subtleties is crucial, especially in these moments.

Know thyself …

Know what is not yours …

Kick that shit to the earth and let the mother take it and cleanse it, purifying it so it does not infect this world.

This NEW world we are co-creating together.

Let’s water the seeds of choice.

Leaving manipulation behind.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jentheodore

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