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Bringing Some “Light” To a Truth

Published November 24, 2020 by tindertender


Source is within you and you are within Source

In the Oneness we are many “to experience EVERYTHING” to answer the Question “Who am I”

And now we come to “truth” :

There are many, but their multiplicity is temporary. Inevitably they all come back to oneness. The process, many to become, brings about many experiences. If something has been experienced and felt, then is it is “true” from this point of view.

But in the end this view is given up for another. Then new experiences come and other things come true. That way there are many Truths about multiplicity. But these truths always become inconsistencies, Contain contradictions and an imbalance.

This shows up as discomfort in your Life. Fear, pain and illness are the result. And so it happens that on one certain point of all travel must be started to learn all the truths about Separation and multiplicity in favor of truths about oneness and to give up the “truths of separation and diversity” if true healing shall be achieved. And then it becomes unlikely complex multitudes of truths begin to condense and flow together. The temporary illusions of separation will begin to dissolve, Until finally the illusion is released. Until it is understood again that oneness is the truth.

All was known long before election and all what “happened” is known the longest time – “disclosure” also happened a long time ago – so for whom is this WHOLE SHOW??? And “awakening” is something very different – Source for sure didn`t say “Make America great again” or that interdimensional spiritual beings are in need for Asthars Earth Evacuation project.

But of course, every human decides for him/herself to take part in the show. No judgment – just curiosity…..

Question: what is Asthars Earth Evacuation project ?

Very good question – try to find the answer. If not, I`ll answer it. Ashtar belongs to the Galactic Federation of light – Alliance to the Luciferian/Annunaki/Sirius.

Programming the Illusion – predicting the “future” – it`s all a game…..

Source: @Karina89350882

Experts at Reality

Published September 30, 2020 by tindertender

As most of us are busy trying to create a reality for ourselves that is healthy, happy and whole, there are others working against us.

You see, their goal is to manipulate the reality of everyone around them … in this way, they manipulate their own.

Two kinds of players …

The honest, who keep to themselves,

And the greedy, who get a kick out of disrupting the lives of others. This gives them a sense of power … and it may even be rewarded by those higher up in the game, doing the same.

The question is …

Are we aware of this fact? Or are we being pulled here and there, at the whim of another, or others.

It is easy to tell ourself we will not be manipulated, but are we telling ourself the truth? How can this be truth when we cannot see the bigger picture? The game … the hoopla … the hoops we continuously jump through at the guidance of others?

Reality …. it’s tough, especially when we cannot see it.

I did not watch the debate more than 15 minutes last night. Two grown men, calling each other liars …. like arguing children. And people are caught up in it as if it is the most important thing in this world.

Who is creating reality? Arguing children, or you?

It’s plain to see should one step back and simply observe without getting emotionally entangled. It takes practice … and time is short.

Stepping back now would be the wise thing to do.

Stop the drink, the drug, the mind altering substances which inhibit clear thinking.

Unless of course you enjoy being played ….

Then by all miens, continue.

Realities are being designed, right now. The one you buy in to will be yours for some time.

Choose wisely.

I say these things for my benefit, as much as yours.

What you choose now will be your reality for years to come.

Step away from the players, be the Creator.

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