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The Many Plans and Agendas

Published February 18, 2021 by tindertender

It`s imperative to understand that there are MANY plans and Agendas right now playing out. Illuminati against Satanists ( a lot for show), Dems against Rep (also a show), Biden/Trump (big cinema) – but the really important thing is that there is a DEVINE PLAN in order and unfolding with the Ascension of Earth. I always told people how can they talk about ascension in the mind that`s about a Presidency???? I never got this “logic” – 5D is about Unity Consciousness and not about left or right. And so we can observe HOW MANY of the so-called “Love & Light” groups become hi-jacked and completely got lost in the “game”. We HAVETO TRUST OURSELVES and trust OUR INTUITIONS – we are interdimensional beings, celestial beings and no f……ing AI.

On of the first Lords Rothschild said : Give humans the Illusion that they can choose, vote or elect – you will always win. Especially when both parties are already yours. Why do this 1% become more rich with every war?? Because the sell weapons to both sides – for them it doesn’t matter who is “winning” because they always win. It’s a “win/win” situation for them. And the Election of a President is the same procedure for them.

MSM is such a vital part of the Illuminati and negative forces – programming consciousness.

I am really quiet sure that by now more than 2 Million lightbeings are incarnated on Earth. It’s already the 3rd wave of incarnated higher consciousness here. And with 144,000 we wouldn’t be able to keep, hold and ground the incoming energy for humanity. The 144 has something to do with the activation of the DNA strands and the Solar Rishi.

They are well aware that we are all here now. And they also know that they can’t stop the solar event and can’t stop the ascension of Earth. They just can try to take as many as possible with them into they 4th negative dimension.

Probably people have to hit the ground first before they are willing to wake up and take self responsibility for their own life and don`t blame and judge always others because this just causes the law of cause and effect for THEMSELVES – not the others. Universal laws in effect.

Self responsibility is important but waking up is necessary.

Free Will:

Let me share something with you about YOU as an IS-BE (Interdimensional Spiritual Being having a human experience) and the dilemma of this realm:

Movies, tv shows, comic books, fantasy movies, etc that disclosed ET presence on Earth and what interacting with ETs
really entails. The fact of the matter is, extraterrestrials IS-BEs are not interdimensional IS-BE. You are not required to take DMT
supplements or drugs to interact and communicate with extraterrestrial IS-BEs.

In order to exist on this level, each IS-BE must be in sync with their full chakra frequency alignments. Full telepathic communication and mind meld. This is what it means to connect with someone on a deeper level inside the brain and mind, stored inside of your DNA which then is the signature used by your subconscious to project reality around you. Your IS-BE is the God inside you. You have the ultimate control over your own destiny, however to comprehend and manifest those lessons, patience, prayer, meditation, empathy, love, and union are emotions that will manifest positive life energy manifestations to become in your reality.

Allow us to connect a few dots for you that may be unclear. These interdimensional beings responsible for the child sacrificing obsession the society has been driven to are also the source of where fascism is coming – the Universities. We can visually see the Universities are cults with massive pedophile rings inside of them using Government subsidized programs to perform illegal experiments on millions of lives.

Understand that all life forms are IS-BEs. Including mice. Including rats. Including bacteria. All IS-BEs are a manifestation of a
conscious projection of an IS who wishes to BE. The IS-BE responsible for the Biological entities it encompasses. This
logically and compassionately.

Universities are experimenting on animals and lower cast life forms because they are deemed worthy to be experimented upon. Here is a moral dilemma, what gives one life form the permission to take the life of another lifeform? That who created you. This is the beast of burden debate in vegetarianism. However consuming meat for food is the psyop The real beast of burden is what Universities are doing to global consciousness in the sacrifice to science.

Source: Above Majestic
and Karina

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