Strong souls are under attack from childhood…

Published April 4, 2023 by tindertender

It was hard for the High Vibrational Souls to penetrate here in the 🌎.

When the arrival of a soul of a higher order about to incarnate the matrix reacts by transmitting the signal “attention to all” its commands.

And immediately, opposing forces fall upon that baby yet to prevent birth, provide for an early death, or to extinguish and steal his potential to exercise his gifts.

Externally, this may manifest itself as problems during pregnancy, childbirth. The child is born in the most difficult environment to degrade them as much as possible.

The system accurately reads vulnerabilities and problem points in order to strike them ruthlessly and consistently.

The task is to deprive her of self-confidence, destroy the inner core, be subjected to physical and psychological violence, incessant criticism and negativity.

The main thing is to stop loving yourself, disconnect from your soul and believe in others – it has no value – that you have to live like everyone else, do what you are told, not believe in yourself, in your own ability, handing over your power to someone else.

Yes, powerful souls can choose this cruel journey to lift experiences to more difficult levels.

But having descended to these lower vibrations you instantly realize that it’s not as simple as it seemed “from above”.

But there’s nowhere to go and not everyone passes that test of rising in those conditions and still spreading positive vibes around you.

This path symbolizes the lotus flower growing strong roots to overcome the darkness of the mud, overcoming all obstacles.

Similarly, a Human, on the spiritual path, goes through the experience of negativity.

So if sometimes you feel tired, think this is the darkest hour before Dawn, soon your lotus flower will surface.

~ Author Unknown

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