God Is Real

Published July 11, 2022 by tindertender

Do not fear God. You are God.

Unlearn the misinformation.
Trust yourself.
Facts Matter.

You are your God.
Kingdom of Heaven is within.

God is your soul. Your soul is your God. You are your soul.

Unlearn the misinformation.

Many work hard to suppress your true powers.

Truth Resonates Inside.

Worshiping implies blindness.

Studying enhances consciousness.
Your consciousness projects your physical reality.

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is healthy, you’ll be full of light.” 👁 Matthew 6:22-23

‘The Kingdom of God is not imminent, but IMMANENT. It is not “among you”, suddenly about to break like a thunderstorm, but “within you”, ready to be expressed the moment you understand your latent common nature..’ 🧬👁

God Body. You are Allah manifested in the flesh.


You are an extension of the creator manifested in the 3 Dimension.

These are the 5 cards that create the Forbidden One, who is one of the most ancient and powerful Egyptian cards, as explained in the animation Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s no coincidence his formation is made to mimic the grand design of our creation that is A.L.L.A.H.

You are an IS-BE 🧬
IS-BE = (Immortal Spiritual)(Biological Entities)
Your Subconscious is your Consciousness, which is “God” aka an IS-BE.
Your Immortal Spiritual Biological Entity (IS-BE) is your soul (IS) and your body (BE).
IS-BE = God
God = YOU

3 = IS
6 = BE
9 = IS-BE = Source = “God” = 0 = All

You are infinite Consciousness having a human experience.

Subconscious = IS
Consciousness = –
Avatar = BE

Religions tell you this is Jesus/God.
External personification of your IS-BE is how humanity got enslaved. The deception IS very real. External personification of the true nature of your existence robs you of the ability to actually Ascend and “Enter The Kingdom of Heaven”.

The Kingdom of Heaven requires the mind of a child. Curiosity. No fear. PURE LOVE. To know what Heaven is like, be the wonderment of a child radiating pure love and light. A sponge of information. No judgement. No bias. Just LOVE and LIGHT.

From beginning to end, the Bible is an alchemical handbook, like a map detailing each individuals spiritual development. From Astrology, to Magick. Eden is ignorance before the fall, when we begin to follow wisdom fallen to ego represented by taking the fruit 🍎

The Ancients and the Cabal stole the knowledge instead of preserving it and letting it grow, influenced by the Kundalini serpent because of ignorance and hunger for power. Lucifer is the morning star of the Old Testament but Christ is the bright star of the New Testament.

Lucifer’s name in Greek is ‘Phosphorus’ and is associated with Venus. Satan (ego) is lead, or Saturn. Those still in the first half of their spiritual development are led by Lucifer, the archetype of wisdom fallen to ego.

The halfway point is the baptism of the soul when the womb of the mind turns inward no longer focused externally through ego. This is where Sophia is. She is the root of Philosophy.

When you’re still in the lower half, it’s easy to assume you’re not, while believing those who are in the upper half are below you. As darkness fears the light, those in darkness will perceive the Holy to be threatening or judgmental.

Those under this veiled Firmament can’t perceive anything beyond subjective relativism, which is why many follow the “your truth vs. my truth” argument in ignorance of “the Truth” or objectivity.

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