Psychic Attack ~ The Illusion of Others

Published February 12, 2022 by tindertender

20 years ago I came under psychic attack. I withstood this challenge in silence, as no one would believe me, kept telling me the voices I was hearing were not real.

“They” would only let me sleep for 1.5 hours at a time. “They” tried to get me to harm self. It was a 24/7 attack, and it was vicious.

For 19 years I heard the fear of children under torture, screaming, wailing, begging for help. I could not turn off this sound, I was forced to listen to it 24/7, and it was loud. My nervous system was under a complete disruption, the sounds of this terror affected me in a very profound way.

Those who practice dark magic attempted to “sacrifice” me, stabbing me in the solar plexus, taking my breath away, causing me to gasp as the blood drained from my face, I was bent over trying to maintain my life in body … for 20 minutes I suffered this attack before it eased.

“They” would come to my bedroom in the night and cause paralysis. It was everything I could do to force myself to stand during this trespass, breaking the spell. Spraying water all over the room in the astral space to rid the invader from my presence.

In the very beginning, when I was at my most vulnerable, I was attacked and experienced an astral pipe being jammed into my back, near the lung area. For 18 years they fed upon my essence this way, the gooey dark energies as they seeped into my body, infecting my health and well-being, my auric field.

A few had sexual relations with me in the astral as I slept, implanting hooks into the vaginal area. They call it “tagging”. One even mentioned he knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he did it anyway.

I was completely naïve. I had no clue there were psychic folks out there who did these things to people. I had no idea there were folks who are in alignment with off planet dominator forces, working on behalf of planetary domination.

There was a bump that appeared on my leg. It was like a pimple. I tried to pop it, it would bleed, then heal, but never go away. I used black salve on it, and the salve really did a number on my leg, it followed the trail of tentacles, which spread because I opened the spot up several times, exposing it to oxygen. The black salve destroyed whatever it was … and the controller/oppressors remarked to one another, “her chip isn’t functioning”.

Two years ago I was gifted a brief friendship with a woman who was able to go into the astral and remove the feeding tube from my back. She stated it left a big scar, and I knew she was speaking truth, as it was very large. Since then, my energy has stayed with me, not being utilized by the feeders.

Over these 20 years I’ve had to learn how to dissolve hooks and implants, cut cords, balance my nervous system, maintain my energetics, control my mind and thoughts … as this is the one thing “they” like probably right up there with the energy harvest itself … is taking the attention and concentration of an individual, and redirecting it to their agenda, which is chaos, and stagnation in suffering.

One of their favorite subjects is that of “savior”. They try to make those under attack believe they are the savior to those suffering children, and others of varying species. They want people to go into these spaces in the astral, where they too become ensnared and trapped. This was probably the toughest part of it all … hearing the terror of the children 24/7 and not being able to help them, not even a little.

I learned how to work with the angelics for protection.

I was never religious, although I do believe in God, whom I’ve seen atop the highest mountain in the heavenly realms, who has spoke to me when I called out to God, who has saved my life when in a potentially fatal car accident. But I do not buy into the dogma stories of the many religions.

This is a VERY condensed version of what’s been going on the last 20 years. There is so much more.

If you have similar experiences, want to have a conversation about it, feel free to comment here. I do have some tips on how to manage the scenario.

Blessings to you on your journey.

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