Message 3/30/2021

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy and saw beautiful diamond mirrors falling from the sky. I heard these mirrors are reflecting the higher aspect of self, that which is of the angelic kingdom, into humanity. We are in a time when we are sprouting our wings and we are able to transcend the third dimension in order to live from the higher aspects of self.

The second image I see are angels of the ancient mariners. They are here to claim victory in the oceans and to take back that which is of the Creator in the seas.

They are reversing the polarity that had been used for purposes of miscreation & are bringing it back into alignment with the Creator. All glory and power belongs to the Divine Creator.

The third image I see is a garden of light pink roses. The garden has a tall fence made up of golden crystalline frequencies. I hear this is the garden of childhood innocence. This energy is being anchored into the planet and is the antithesis of the darkness.

In anchoring this energy, the power of this frequency creates zones around the world in which darkness is repelled.

The energy of the child once again is revered and is aligned to the Creator. It has a strength and power unsurpassed by any in its capacity to love.

As I sit by the ocean I noticed the strong wind and see there are a lot of whitecaps on the waves. This represents an unleashing or a lifting up of darkness trapped on the bottom of the ocean. It is brought up to the surface where it mixes with the surface waters and then it is cleansed and purified by the sunlight and released from the earth.

This is the time of the great purification. That which was intentionally miscreated and reverse engineered by the darkness is being brought back into alignment with the One, the Creator of all. All that is of the darkness is allowed no longer. Their time has expired.

Tuning into the energy I hear, “Ah yes, we are with you. Today we are sending in platinum energy in the form of platinum diamond rays of the 12th dimension & beyond to help balance cranial capacity and repair any misalignments with thinking, processing and assimilating new material into the human nervous system. This energetic upgrade is allowing for the ability to hold and process ancient information returning to humanity.

The human temple needs an upgrade as is the case when a person realizes it is time for a new car; they simply outgrew the old one. The old human framework could not handle the capacity and the speed with which information is transferred, so we are hoping to upgrade you to a new and better model, you see? As a result of this upgrade and recalibration there could be moments of forgetfulness & fatigue. This may present itself as simply forgetting what it was that you were doing for a moment.

This is one of the issues that go along with the recalibration of the human nervous system. However, all is well and this is very exciting because it means as you continue to ascend you will continue to upgrade. The result is a new temple will be built from the old one, you see? So the person you see standing in the mirror today is different from the one you saw a few months ago. You are a new improved model being prepared to live in the five dimensional world. We see events are progressing rapidly, so we are working together with our cosmic brethren in continuing to adjust, recalibrate and upgrade your systems in order for you to best handle change and adapt to living in a world of higher frequency.

This is why you are receiving new cocktails of frequencies, higher than ever before. In addition to the diamond coded frequencies and brilliant plasma light, we are sending you the emerald green frequencies in these upgrades to your nervous system. These will make you the best and most aligned version of yourselves, capable of integrating those higher aspects of self in order for you to most easily live in the 5D world. This world is with you. You are walking in it’s energies. We are so pleased to see the progression of humanity’s ascension.


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