The Universe Responds To Your Frequency

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

Hate is not attracted to love. Joy is not attracted to hate.

Sounds created by your thoughts and your mouth vibrate at sonic oscillation rates on the musical scale and only like-kind aether responses then migrate to those sounds because like-kind signals will always seek out and then combine with their own kind.

Doves flock together. So do every other type of wild life because they are acting like ions. Ions power the reality around you.

If I want to be sad, I will think or talk about when I went through a hard time (or how hard a time I am having now) and just like that I will magically see more hard times.

But if I am going through a hard time and I say that “the silver lining to this will be…” then I will see the positive appear before me. I didn’t ignore the problem, I found the secret solution to change negative to positive.

This is standard fare for the council and how they continuously smile through the ugliest situations.

Source: @decodingthehive

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