Becoming the Programmer

Published January 10, 2021 by tindertender

The minds of humanity have been programmed by the unseen for millennia. The angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other. Temptation, allowing free will choice.

The use of occult knowledge has allowed some in the hidden realms to rule over the minds of humanity. It is fortified by those in the seen using television and radio to set in mind a reality which they desire to see come to fruition.

It is time for humanity to manage their own programming, through affirmation, mantras, and solid intention … coming from the heart.

Turning off the television, the “programming” we’ve been absorbing our whole lives.

This morning I decided to take a wonderful bath. I took it with my crystals, which are magnifiers of intention.

My intention is to program my cellular structure with LOVE … magnified.

Since we know that our minds have been programmed by the unseen, it is time not only to take charge of our own programming … but to reprogram the programmer in the occult world.

We are powerful when we set our intentions. Why do you think it is critical for those in “power” to keep us dumbed down and feeling like shit about ourselves? Why do you think we’ve been “programmed” to give away our power to a human, sacrificed?

It is because of our inherent, HUMAN, abilities to reformat and shape reality.

Now, those in power want us to fight each other, to be distracted by our so-called differences … race, place on the economic ladder, and the position we hold on the scale of knowledge.

Honestly … we are the same. None of that which we’ve been fighting each other over even matters!

What matters is our willingness, and ability, to recognize the greatness within Self.

It is time to reprogram the programmers.

The feminine is honored and respected. Her Creator womb is sought and cherished with great vigor. Her freedoms are honored, and protected by the Divine Masculine. He ensures that no harm comes to her, and he is always tempered when faced with her Divine Will. Rather than force her to bend to his wishes, he works hand in hand with her to birth the best of both worlds … the Divine Feminine and Masculine, together, as one unit. Equally valued, on a par, embraced and whole.

The tempter stops the tempting … duality merges and what is left is balance. None higher than another, none more valued or honored than another … through connectedness, stability is birthed.

Be the programmer.

Create a world you long to see, start with creating in Self what you long to be.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am Healthy, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am Wealthy, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I have my spacious house in the forest, right now.

I praise Self (your name here) for I Am courageous, right now.

That’s right, praise yourself in mantra. Praise yourself, and see the result in the Now Moment. Existing now …. if not yet materialized, on its way to you, now.

When you get comfortable with that, when you start to feel the results … the satisfaction being born in your heart, begin to reprogram the unseen.

Give the programmers a run for their money. Challenge those who’ve had authority over the manipulation and control of your mind and life.

Rewrite the world, rewrite yourself.

Forget what parents and peers have taught you. Leave behind the mind that has been formatted by this world … your mind is not this world. You were … before your body was even born, before this world became your mind.

Thanks be to those who have helped me understand this. Thanks be to those who so freely and graciously share insights, allowing others to wake and morph, right along with them.

Bless the Peacemakers.

Bless those who rise to the challenge of Creatorship.

Bless those who have determined that loving Self is equally important to loving others.

Never crap on yourself because you want to assist another. You must honor Self and come from this place. Do not weaken Self to help another …. all you will be doing is creating two weaknesses. You must be empowered in order to assist another in becoming empowered.

Bless you as you discover (if you haven’t already) that Self is important, your first love in this life … and it should always remain your first love.

Self love, self respect, honoring self … is NOT selfish. It is a necessity if we wish to see humanity empowered.

We heal Self, and from this space we can assist others in healing.

Play the role of “savior” is not the way. Throwing your sacred life away will not help anyone.

Empower Self.

Show the world how it is done.

My new brother has written a book that I would like to offer here. Please contact him through DM at the below link if you’d like a copy of his E-book. He is a teacher of children, and also a guide for adults who seek to become the Programmer of their own lives.

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