Published August 22, 2020 by tindertender

Unity has many different meanings, the most common is a union between cultures, countries, peoples.

There are the base four bodies, possessed and worn by all individuals. The Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, and the Etheric.

It is important to ponder these four bodies, meditate on them, or in other words, relax the mind and allow the meaning for each to come through for you.

What is the foundation for the Physical body?

What is the foundation for the Mental body?

What is the foundation for the Emotional body?

What is the foundation for the Etheric body?

Once you have got this, written it down, and solidified it in mind … consider Unity … uniting the elements of these four bodies.

This is where union begins.


The work you put in, you get out.

Effort made toward wholeness cannot, and will not, be overlooked.

Your higher self, in combo with your guides, the angels who watch over you, and the elementals of this world will assist you in process.

All you need do is ask, relax, and let it flow.

I am currently in student mode, and I share my ‘lessons’ with you, so that we may grow into it together.

Peace is the goal, and it begins on the inside of each individual.

As you can see, the outside layer is the Mental body, the most commonly afflicted body. The easiest target by anyone who wishes to manipulate form.

Strengthen the bodies, understand the foundations for each, unite them into a cohesive whole, and it will be easier to walk in this world and bring about positive adjustment, to create the Peace you wish to enjoy.

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