Oracle Reading 8-22-2020 a.m.

Published August 22, 2020 by tindertender

Take Note of Intuitive Messages

Use your intuition. Practice discernment. See through illusions and blockages.

Lunar energies are surrounding your life, allowing you to understand what is standing in your way. Not everything is as it seems and you’re being guided to use your discernment. When the moon appears, intuitive or psychic urges are seen, so take note of any feelings arising at this time. They are messages from your soul and angels. The Moon shines her light on all that has been kept in the dark, so ask yourself if you are avoiding anything or refusing to deal with something of importance. If so, it could be holding you in the shadows when your Destiny is to be in the light. If you feel someone isn’t being completely real with you, know that their intentions will be revealed to you. The Moon has no secrets – she reveals all.

Embrace the Energy of Peace

Let go of the need to defend yourself and prepare to offer peace. You are safe.

If you have been exposed to a situation in which you have felt the need to protect yourself or defend what you feel is right, know that this is now coming to an end. You are being guided to know that the energies of light are entering to wash away all the darkness. You can drop your shields and protection. You are now in a situation that will honor you and honor your needs. Arguments are ending and disagreements are being resolved. Prepare to talk things through and offer the peace that you would like to enjoy. In order to move forward in a more fearless way, it’s important for you to let go of the idea that you can be hurt by this situation or the people involved, because this will only work against you. Know that your angelic guides and ancestors are standing around you, protecting you and taking you lovingly forward.

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” oracle cards created by Kyle Gray.

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