Have You Noticed?

Published July 30, 2020 by tindertender

Have you noticed that when you are flying high, feeling the Love, things seem to go wrong?

My dog threw up for two days, still has stomach issues and pooping problems.

I had one of my BEST days yesterday. Smiled for HOURS!

My car broke down yesterday when I went to get my lunch.

A woman I have never had conversation with tells me to “do my research” not even realizing I have … for a number of years now.

Know this … the invisible enemy will throw whatever they can to trash on your high vibe.

These seeming coincidences are not … they are an attempt by the satan to keep you in low vibe, in suffering, so they can feed on you, for THIS is their food.

You gotta rise above that shit.

Block the people who wish to argue and make assumptions about you. Do not give them one inch of your mental space. Leave them.

Continue to shine, you beautiful Souls.

Your Light and the glorious way you shine is gonna BANISH the darkness!

Don’t give in …

Don’t give up.

CLAIM your right to a happy life!

Even when there is lack … all will be well if you just TRUST the benevolence who are here assisting us in this process of elevation.

They’ve got your back, even when it seems the world is falling apart.

The satan will have you believe humanity is going into an extinction … this is their plan.

OUR plan is something else entirely, now isn’t it?

Go out there and show those bastards they do not own you or your experience.

You’ve got MUCH HIGHER beings on your side who do not intrude in your life … they require you to ASK for their assistance, and you may have to ask for their Love Light to shine on you more than once …

You must prove you are sincere before they will intervene.

You’ve got this … not because you’re tough and all … but because your TEAM is phenomenal!!! Accept their Love and Light …. you will not regret it.

Prayer is not formal. Prayer is having a conversation with those in the invisible realms who you know Love you.

Your ancestors and ALL benevolence.

Accept them … and you’ll be accepted.

It is true partnership.

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