A Glorious Day Upon GAIA

Published July 26, 2020 by tindertender

Gifts for GAIA from the Sea.

I decided to add apples from my lunch, gifts for GAIAs children, the ants and whatever else out here likes sweet apples.

I saw a dandelion fluff float by on the air. I made a prayer.

May all beings within the waters, and out of the waters, regardless of race or species, be happy, healthy, whole … and free.

I saw a second dandelion fluff go by and said another prayer.

May all beings of the air be happy, healthy, whole and free.

There are heart rocks in the river.

My beautiful view as I tip my head back in relaxation.

The sun has graced me with its presence, shining upon my face, it’s intensity diminished ever so slightly by the leaves of GAIAs beautiful tree. You see, I’ve found a shady spot along the river on this bright and warm day.

Butterfly’s keep passing by me as the travel along the waters path.

Another dandelion fluff inspires another prayer.

GAIA, May YOU heal, for when you heal we all heal. May circumstances shift in such a way that healing comes to all areas of your beautiful self.

Blessings abound when our Mother is healthy.

I smelled urine a moment ago and said a big thank you, for this means people are watering the soil, rather than soiling the water.

Do you see a face in that rock?

A pale spider of a pretty good size just lowered itself from GAIAs tree and tried to land on me. I averted its path, but brought no harm (that I’m aware of).

Shadow play. The grass and it’s image on the rock. Both are real, yet one cannot exist without the other … and both cannot exit without the Light.

A few little pretty’s …

GAIA definitely showed her Love today. I feel so blessed.

The waters, they rush and they swirl and they lap against the edges of the bank. So beautiful.

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