Published July 26, 2020 by tindertender

I am SHE,
Who has created YOU
Out of Divine LOVE
From the Light of the Fire
and the Dark Waters
of my Sacred Womb!
The Dark and the Light are
like the Yin and the Yang
the Moon and the Sun,
Fire and Ice!

How dare you suppress ME,
the Divine Feminine
within YOU,
for We are ONE.
The True Light of Wisdom and Truth
shall Rise once again,
one not without the other!
And the Masculine shall yet be Divine!
One distorted shall NOT replace
another yet still distorted!

You did not heed our call.
Now you shall be purified
within the healing pink and green fires
of my burning, passionate
As I rewrite the Sacred Book,
we will Co-create together
once again, and
forevermore …


Release your fears. The Mother fiercely fights for and protects her children, sweet soul. Release and welcome Her Love.

For amazing, hope inspiring, uplifting content, see authors’ site here: Raphaela: https://twitter.com/Raphaela1111?s=21

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