Take A Long Step Back

Published July 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/TirsohCartoons

What possible strategy in politics could ever possess people to come up with an obviously planned and overhyped pandemic, destroy whole police departments, and engage in the very obvious and crazy actions we have seen? It may work short term but that is only because of so much fear they are spreading. Fear makes people panic. It makes people stupid, but fear can only be kept up so long. Eventually more see through that.

It is something that just does not make any sense if you look at things with any traditional view of politics or power in leading countries. What we have seen would be so risky and foolish it would be daring disaster to ruin long term hopes of controlling billions of people on this planet.

It is not just a clever or dangerous game of odd politics or 4d chess.

What we have been seeing here is nothing short of the age old fight between good and the Devil. I know that seems obvious in one way, but this is not just some random odd tactic led by bad people. It is not just another fight of good people vs bad.

They have completely given themselves over to devils. They hid the ancient rites and rituals behind a veneer of politics or kingdoms. They hid the true motivations for a long time. Before this started they made rites and rituals declaring a literal war on God.

These tactics we are seeing are not the work of people anymore. It is the work of demons. The leadership has gone so far past the line that they have lost any small amount of free will they had left. They just do not know it yet.

Forget politics. That has little anymore to do with anything. Now we just have a few groups of greedy people all completely in trances from the demons that are all around us.

There are many you know to be bad. There are many you think to be good, but are not. The demons are strong and the greed is too powerful.

Those that have dark hearts have no choice but to show themselves. Like moths to the flame, the free will is gone. They must obey. They gave their souls willingly for power and now it is time to collect.

The exposures and odd behavior will not stop yet. Normal is gone forever.

The greed inside those with dark heart always proves too much eventually. Rational though will fail more and more and at some point the eyes of the masses will be opened more to see it.

The fight with good against bad never was a fight in the first place.

The good just have to watch, prepare, learn, and endure. The bad destroy themselves. The devil always devours its own.

This is no longer political. This is a spiritual battle. It is one that tests ourselves in many ways. Now rules and politics are just a very thin excuse.

We have a leader and it never was Trump. It never was a fight for the USA. This is a fight for the world and our leader is the very real and living Eternal family that guides us. All other righteous fall under this leadership including and righteous leaders and politicians.

The battle never was a battle. The evil destroy themselves. Knowing this, those who stay inspired with peace and a deep connection to the other side will know what is needed, when it is needed.

Have faith in times of darkness and the light will bring the rewards.

Have peace, love and kindness, but do not equivocate or let those who follow real devils confuse the good and bad as they try to do. There are devils in churches and in every area. Those righteos need to learn to feel what is good. Discernment is needed and will be given.

Do not fear the evil now. Have faith and walk upright in our way and our leadership will bring the peace we seek.

Things do not return to normal when devils take over the hearts of the people. Do not worry about normal. New things will come that are even better.

Basically we cannot let loud mouthed woke people or normal but blind people make us ashamed of doubt ourselves.

We know what is right but often let the confusion others have make us doubt ourselves or second guess things.

Confidence in a calm way = stand tall

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@minarikd

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