Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 5-21-2020

Published May 21, 2020 by tindertender

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I Hold You Closely In My State Of Being!

I Remind You That Your Arrival Has Been Achieved For A Multiplicity Of Reasons!

You Have Come For The Opportunity To Transcend The Parameters Than Define Your Very Existence!

And, In The Same Breath, You Have Arrived To Deepen Your Connection With The Interwoven Aspects Of Your Beingness That Give Your Life Truth Each Moment!

You Have Come To This Experience You Know As Your Life In Order To Break Through The Matrix,

See All The Players For Who And What They Are, And To Return To Your Original State Of Being For The Master That You Are!

As You Have Tugged At The Veil Of The Story For As Long As You Can Remember, You Now Will Not Let Go, As You Find The Holes And Tears That Have Always Been Before You!

Together, As ONE, You Are Pulling The Veil Down!

In Unity You Find Your Power As Never Before!

You Have Known Your Connectedness To All Of Life, As You Have Come To Know This Is One Of Many Waking Dreams!

Born Of The Essence Of God, You Have Complete Assurance Of Safety And Infinite Life!

You Arrived With All Needed To Complete The Story That Has Both Challenged And Blessed You!

Know That You Are So Loved And Many That You Will Know Again, Stand Close By Smiling And Cheering You Onward!

Find Your Truth And Let No Man Take Your Rights Away As A Sacred Visitor To This Planet!

Expose The Darkness And Shine Your Light Even Brighter!

For Soon The Skies Will Sing With The Sounds Of Your Friends! +++

You Will Remember All And Discover Nothing Has Ever Been Lost!

I Have Always Loved You So And We Will Meet Again As Family And Friends Of Great Light!




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