Love Form

Published May 21, 2020 by tindertender

Familial, Friendly, Romantic, Worldly or Planetary. Love wears many hats.

Often, the human will be laser focused on romantic love … why it is the way it is, where is it when it’s not present, sex, who will ‘the one’ be.

Rather than focusing on the pain of separation, loss, or lack, focus on the times spent together in care and love. They will usually always outnumber the negatives. (Remember to consider yourself and the love relationship you build there).

When a relationship ends, one of two things happen: The pair decides to be verbally or physically abusive, falling into hate or extreme dislike (which is terrible if there are children present), OR they remember what brought them together in the first place, the love and time together.

The shift into friendship from a romantic relationship can be tricky, emotions are like that. If done properly though, there will remain a bond that is strong.

Falling into blame games, whoever you are playing them with, is a waste of power. Using your inherent Creator energies to generate dis-ease and argument is an incredible misuse of creator talent and skill.

There are many areas of life that include love in all its varieties. See them. Feel them.

What world do you want to live in? One of mutual respect and honor, even when paths separate? Are you willing to do what it takes to remain in a place of love? It simply feels better, and is worth the inner work to make it happen.

Energies generated from a loving heart do more for the world than blame and punishment ever could. Love benefits the whole.

Notice polarities within you: attitudes, likes and dislikes, emotions rising and falling. Once you recognize them in you, it will be easier to spot in others, acting accordingly to your ‘trained’ awareness.

Never throw love away. The flow and form will always shift, yet love should remain present through it all.


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