You Have A Different Kind Of Intelligence

Published May 10, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Accept all souls as they are. This is your true love for humanity.

Give … unconditionally.

It is time to release all. Suppress n o t h i n g.

This process involves cleansing those “frozen” energies that still cause you fear.

You feel different because you are.

Your true nature is love and unity consciousness.

The anchoring of the 5D Divine Matrix on Earth is near completion. Continue to hold your light.

We exist in times of unity. No matter what happens, unity is the future of this planet, period. So, the dark ones do all they can to keep people in isolation. They wish to make social distancing a permanent thing. It will not work.

There is one thing that “negatively” has impacted human consciousness for which very few are aware of. And that is humanity thinking that it is alone in the cosmos.

I must admit, it’s a bit heartbreaking when you think about the fact that the Light Forces of the Universe, in the billions, surround Earth and humanity in these times of great change, but you still have the majority of Earth’s people who go about their day as if nothing is happening.

Honesty, it is simple, yes? This alone can bring balance to your throat chakra.

The heart chakra is the most important step during this ascension process. It is the seat of your soul’s geometrical matrix.

The Solar Plexus, the seat of power. And when it is not balanced, you feel butterflies in times of anxiety, stress, fear. And it can actually pull in other peoples fear if not balanced.

Working and clearing your soul star chakra, once fully balanced, you gain access to the akashic records. This will be a gradual process, not a one time swoosh.

The veils of the illusion have begun to dissolve faster than before. This is causing confusion among the masses, as peoples past memories, present awakening, and future probabilities, are all merging in the NOW.

Crystalline body is what we are transforming to. This includes the animals as well.

When your thoughts are in alignment with the thoughts of the highest aspect of YOU, your I AM Presence, and the Godhead, you experience abundance in waves like the ocean.

If you are not clear how to proceed with your life from this point. Stop, and ask the angels, you have many waiting for you to ask for their assistance. And watch for the signs.

You can call on Archangel Sandalphon to place a 5th dimensional “bubble” over you. This will uplift your entire energy to a higher frequency.

You are here because a call echoed through the cosmos, you volunteered, you were chosen. You are here to anchor and hold the higher light entering Earth. Assisting Earth as the new divine matrix becomes comfortable.

Without you, this shift would have not been possible. The shift in consciousness, and humanity to a higher reality, would have failed without your presence and support.

I say what I say from the heart. I do this not to boost your ego, but simply because it is truth.

When the physically coming together of Starseeds and those of the Galactics begins, it will be THEY, asking YOU, in amazement to share YOUR wisdom and stories, and how you were able to UPLIFT an entire world from the abyss of the 3D, all the way into the fifth dimension.

You have a different kind of intelligence.


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