Who Is The Savior?

Published May 1, 2020 by tindertender

It is amazing to me how people think they have permission to be cruel, and still go to heaven, while believing those they have judged will not.

This does NOT mean I do not believe in God. I certainly do. And I’m afraid I’m not measuring up. And if I’m not measuring up, that means those who judge me are probably not either.

Let us clean up our own houses, our own inner temple. Stop looking outside and blaming the world for your situation. We cannot do that. We must create a beautiful situation from our own inner fortitude.

Do you think a person, who relies on another to solve their problems, will ever solve a single problem themselves?

No. It’s a partnership. And a partnership that is only half functioning is not a sufficient partnership.

Karma. It’s a real thing.

Self-righteousness is also.

Be aware of where you are in your own thinking and action.

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