Moving Forward

Published April 28, 2020 by tindertender


Do not let go of the dreams, ideals, and creativity of youth. Whatever is happening, you’re able to keep the clarity and objectivity of your dreams alive.

The Guardian King of the West

His time is evening, and the element he guards is Fire. He is seen holding a symbol of enlightened mind (stupa) in his right hand and a snake in his left. The stupa reminds us that in order to grow toward enlightenment, we have to grasp and overcome conflicting emotions.


You have the potential for energy that will enable the completion of any action. This is a time of focusing and accomplishing your aims. You’re ready to take off in a new direction, unbound by heavy baggage. You can successfully direct your energies toward new efforts. You have the energy to achieve your goals.

The Space Dragon

The highest wisdom is often the simplest. You have the potential to develop pure consciousness. The wisdom that you seek is transcendental – no matter how far you’ve come on this journey, you know that there’s no rush and that patience now means everything. You help others to find stillness.

Passion’s Fire

You are a genuine character of magnetism and ardent love, with the capacity to experience intense emotion and the fulfillment of your desires. You’ve reached a stage in your life where you’re comfortable with yourself – what others see is what they get! Your honesty attracts people to you. You’re now an emotional warrior, unafraid to face the trials and tribulations of life.


You are the stillness in the midst of turmoil, with inner knowingness and acceptance. You’re becoming stable and calm and developing the ability to see through the curtain of your own and others’ emotions. You’re steady and at peace. This energy flows out from you and affects the well-being of others without your realizing it.


You have the quality of complete openness, absolute potential. You are connected to all beings. Everything is linked by the vastness of space. You feel connected to all of life. You’re developing empathy for all beings and are beginning to understand others. You’re now noticing people’s similarities more than their differences and realizing that you’re at the dawning of your own conscious awakening.

Whispers on the Wind

This is the inner voice of wisdom, the ability to trust the intuitive messages from within. Your mind is able to flow effortlessly on your spiritual journey. Your resulting actions are spontaneous and appropriate in all situations. You’re true to your inner self, clean and pure. Out give credit where it’s due and don’t sit in judgment of others. Rather, you rejoice in their successes.

Guardian King of the East

His time is dawn, and the element he guards is Water. He is seen playing gentle music on his lute, which soothes the angry mind and brings calm to the world.

The Ring of Fire

We must remember the boundary between our unbridled passions and the Higher Self. You’re emotionally steady and not following your passions headlong into lustful entanglements. You have the ability to steer your passions in an artful and creative way without consuming others with your fire.

The Guardian King of the North

His is midnight, and the element he guards is Air. He is seen holding a mongoose, which is spitting jewels in his left hand, and a banner of victory over the most deadly emotions in his right hand.


Trade Winds

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