Gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) Nudges

Published April 19, 2020 by tindertender

Let Go: Turbulent waters and rapids to cross are directly ahead. You have no boat to navigate now; it’s just you in the water, going where it takes you.

The River Queen has no intention of letting you go under. Even when there’s a waterfall ahead, there is no reason to fear. She will help you over it so you can splash down again in the gentle waters of the river below, flowing with renewed purpose to the sea.

Be fearless now and go with the current of events. This can be an adventure!

Reflection: See yourself in the mirror made by events in your life. The powerful force of the Law of Attraction reminds you that what you are is what you attract.

This isn’t to say that you need to blame yourself for inviting transgressions or if you find yourself a victim of a big-picture event ~ say, a war. This is a distorted interpretation of this law. Certain events are fated to test our faith.

Rather, find yourself within the web woven through your life ~ your relationships, opportunities, desires, seeming failures, and successes. Observe how you’ve responded to life’s challenges, great and small, and be aware of what is familiar in the present. Release all judgement, and accept things exactly as they are with love.

Honor every part of your story as essential to your highest unfolding. Can you see yourself as being exactly where you need to be on your path? Do you love what you see in the mirror? Can you perceive your part in your reactions and the motives behind your current questions? You will find your answers in a thorough and honest self-appraisal.

Power of the Divine: There is a need to go within and contemplate the true source of power in the world ~ which is that of the Divine. You’re being called to the Well, and this unseen power will be there and will be yours to align with.

This affirmation and prayer will invite the Divine to bring miracles and resolution to your life: “Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.”

Red flags are waving, and you must pay attention, lest you find yourself cleaning up messes you didn’t even know you’d made. Trust your intuition. In time you will be back on track. On this occasion you can’t possibly go wrong since you’re that much more aware of the possible challenges you need to step away from. You may be repeating something from your past that you don’t need to relearn.

Illumination: Shine your light and do not give in to fear. The light of the Divine shining within you is the power that expresses through you. This, not your ego, is the authentic place of self-expression.

The Queen of the Light challenges you to look at how you’re affected by glitter, glamour, and the superficial dreams of society. Are you mesmerized by false power? The material world is fleeting; nothing lasts forever. Make sure your intentions come from deep within you, and don’t base them on money or power or what you think love will do for you. Ask instead what you can offer, what you can give.

True wealth resides within peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose. Remember that Light isn’t garish and cold, nor is it manufactured ~ it’s warm and brilliant and natural. Give up attachments to outer goals. If it is meant to be yours, it will surely come.

Preparation: Are you degrading yourself in any way or lessening the importance of your impact in your world? Have you allowed someone to dishonor you? Have you failed to stand for your beliefs in order to get something you want? If so, continuing on this path could bring you trouble, as you may be aligning yourself with lower ideas as your companions.

Never sell yourself short when it comes to your intuition. You’re always led to the highest ground when you follow your inner guidance.

An important responsibility is brought to you. You are being required to be a spiritual warrior and to have courage. Be ready, respect yourself, and believe in your purpose, as you’re being chosen to be the embodiment of the Sacred in the world. In essence, you’re challenged to be the best you that you can be. You can do it, and Spirit is counting on it.

Assistance: Why do you think you can do everything by yourself? Keeping control of everything around you is counterproductive and exhausting. You may lose an important opportunity if you insist on being stubborn. The King is patient and will wait for you to come to your senses and accept the help you need. You won’t be able to reach your goal otherwise.

The King says all it takes is a decision to ask for help, and graciously allow yourself to be carried to your destination. Let go of control and amazing things can happen for you.

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