Are You Ready To Meet Our Maker?

Published April 19, 2020 by tindertender

Jehovah himself will enter into judgement with the elderly ones of his people and it’s princes.

“And you yourselves have burned down the vineyard. What was taken by robbery from the afflicted one is in your houses. What do you men mean in that you crush my people, and that you grind the very faces of the afflicted ones?” is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord, Jehova of Armies.

Time is short … Let us stop talking falsely now …. the hour is getting late!

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowman dig my earth
None were level on the mind
Nobody up at his word
Hey, hey

No reason to get excited
The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke

But, uh, but you and I, we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us stop talkin’ falsely now
The hour’s getting late, hey

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too

Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl

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