We’ve been telling you this whole time

Published April 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

You’ll get it eventually.

The entire system is set up for this very moment, to collapse in on itself and drop the people out and let monsters roam.

It was designed for humans but taken and revamped. The “word” is a powerful message from On High that plays and has been deciphered by ‘those’ in society intending to do so for personal gain since the beginning.

In the beginning the word was carried by a specific group of a certain genetic lineage. That was the linage that was taken and assaulted, the information extracted. The ‘children’ in the bases, started with that blood line being used and milked for their blood.

That began long ago and expanded to what it is today, with almost the same set up designed to traumatize, deceive and reprogram the unconscious mind.

All of this is being explained but there is information regarding other things. All I can say if this what gifted to you, they were sent here, to show you. Everything else will be from the deception system.

The information regarding quantum access, biogenesis, collective knowledge transfer and so on is from then, sent from the beginning, for you to come to greater awareness and unlock full potential. If that occurs, those humans will not fit into a single society.

All of this is being shown in the background, so that you are given a choice, Your UNCONSCIOUS MIND is given the choice. Include the information through the reticular activating system (in simplified projection), or reject it and continue on. Every mind is given the same choice.

Games over, there are bad players, pretending to be seeking the truth, who are vile and reconverting every new facet of soul fiber into a dark web strand that results in death and decay.

The one’s on the level up don’t go with immunity, charges, or cases. They will review their genetics and if they don’t make the cut they can go eat shit.

This is not a metaphor. Everything I have ever said is literal reality.

Some forces have to be ‘cleaned up’ and some are going to be wiped. Most will be ‘resurrected’ in the name of truth and true liberty while others will run and a small portion will die fighting.

See this.

They will die trying to protect their raping, pillaging, kidnapping funds.

It’s ALL the money in the WORLD. See that. This is why it was described so. All the worlds riches, if you simply bow to evil. That is the people you’re seeing now. All the money and power meant power to perform darkness for pleasure over human souls, bodies and minds.

You now know what was hidden throughout all of your history. What you have been plagued by, what is still fighting now, in its death throes, to hold you down, to suffocate you if it can’t have you. See how others react, see how to navigate what is happening.

People waking up is what’s happening, everything else is a reaction or strategic placement that is either countered or neutralized. You are navigating the emotional fields and thus the TIME FIELDS of reality because EVERYTHING is in motion now.

If you stand still, you will go where the shakes take you. If you get up and walk, you can go places that the artificial boundaries can no longer contain or limit access to. Information is what you’re accessing and because it is reaching the minds, the foundation is transforming.

This is all right in front of everybody’s heads. Some are better prepared than others to know and control the flow of information.

That will not be changed. Those who seek to undermine that are the new ‘old’ guard attempting to revamp their services in a ‘new’ old way.

It’s disgusting. If the people who are here now, capable of explaining and maintaining control over what’s happening, are fought over and ripped apart, the same process that happened in the sandy times with biological warfare and language dissolution occurs.

The difference is the ‘messengers’ will not be there so this is the ‘last cycle’ for anyone who wants to know the truth, in the way that an eternal force has give us. An intelligence that supersedes the temporal occlusion systems, literally Spirit on High, has awakened.

They are showing you now. 100% without a doubt, if you stay, you will be at the mercy of people who cannot control their own medications or be ‘clean’ enough to speak clearly, without mentally fumbling, through a single meeting or conference, ever.

And then those people. They joined up with dark, and the dark is seeking to use them, to gain access to that powerful genetic time control system, called Humanity. Infinite, power, infinite tech access, ultimately control over life, death, and consciousness. Those are the options

There will be no ‘viewing’ to confirm who’s who, you get that after the horizon and if you there is no basis for that here, there is no you there. Not like you think.

You have to get it now, or you won’t. That’s how the new world is protected from monsters who only see red tint.

This is not to produce division. If you try to go help monsters saying, “Hey we’re all one”, that’s the end of your bloodline. They have been here for a long time and know how to deceive and absorb your emotions and consciousness.

No one is capable of ‘ousting’ any one, it is through the power of collective intent and increasing self awareness that produces a hyperdimensional feedback, controlled, contained, which will inform each ‘lower portion’ of what to do.

In short, if the future is already here and set. Anything less than ‘now’ is a set back. The more people want to resist this, the lower in the future they go. Resist the whole way, it turns out you never left, and have been here for eternity.

This was built into the system at the beginning. The entire process, this society, amounts to this time, this process, sustaining collective self awareness catalysts.

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