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Do You Hold Stuck Energy?

Published March 24, 2021 by tindertender

Women – Do you unconsciously hold the energy of others in your ovaries? Breasts? Butt? How did it get there? Here’s a tool to begin to clean it out, heal it and return to balance.

Men – What is your experience of this changing dynamic?

Unconscious patterning … absorbing “others” opinion about our body parts and “storing” that thought and the emotion behind it in our body … in our mind.

Release all of it … “you are okay”.

Take back your Power … Adopt a daily ritual of cleansing the attached energy (thoughts and feelings), the opinions of others.

Consciousness and Memory

Published January 17, 2020 by tindertender

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Each country has it’s own system of managing it’s genetic memory as collective consciousness.

The differences in each system equate to the inverse reflections of the whole that we are all equally missing some portion of.

This is similar to the illusion of consciousness functioning through exclusion in that what you are aware of is an inverse of what you are unaware of and your consciousness is a kind of shape of informational variation allotted by the proportionality of that dynamic.

That is a psyche illusion whereby you see the outlines of various shapes and your brain makes the invisible connections to provide the perception of completion.

We are doing that and what we are equally missing is equally creating a ‘virtual’ aspect of this reality that exists in our minds.

When the people can see each other without middle men hiding their harmful thoughts in between the messages, access to that dynamic is consciously unlocked.

This was known, there are natural locations that act as tunnelling and relay systems to integrate and synchronize all consciousness. That virtual system is part of this.

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