The Bioform ~ Mind and Body ~ Are A Computing Device

Published January 12, 2023 by tindertender

It is true we wrestle with unseen powers and principalities.
They implant thought forms subliminally to the subconscious from other “realms” or vibratory levels. Surely you remember the Angels on shoulders, one telling you to do wrong, the other telling you to do right … or the story of the two wolves.
Fortunately, we have free will to choose which thought forms we entertain.
Many of the thoughts we experience throughout the day are we, picking up on the thought forms in the ether which surrounds us. The body and mind are a connector to worlds. An antennae.
We can reject the thought.
Simply say to Self, “this is not my thought. This is not a thought process I’m willing to entertain. I command my thoughts, and the emotions they create. I will not allow another, seen or unseen, to manipulate my thoughts or my emotions.”
Take charge.
Create a world in mind which brings you peace.
Don’t allow the powers and principalities (or those under their spell) to program the mind, controlling ones life.
There is power in choice.
Use the gift.
And stop accepting every bit of negative another tries to force you to accept.
Some are crap.
Even if it’s just a sudden thought form of the negative kind.
Learn to say no.
Reject the thoughts which bring harm … to self and others.
No one said reformatting self, commanding self, would be easy.
It’s a daily challenge, where “choice” and “free will” must be exercised.

I’m aware of circumstances beyond our control.
I’m older.
I’ve experience to many degrees in this life.
The above is what I used to practice command of my mind.
It’s a challenge.
Worth paying attention to.

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