Prophetic Word from 2018

Published December 5, 2022 by tindertender

Written by Susan Marie


(See photo below of actual post to affirm this prophecy given by Holy Spirit)

A powerful time of moving forward is upon humanity.

2022 shall bring forth God’s heart to awaken humanity to remembrance.

This may appear to be disastrous to those believing the world or universe has the answers to a better life and there shall be a purging of false gods and lies that have deceived many.

This IS God’s move.

It is NOT a battle of flesh and bone. Or placing blame upon humanity.

Know God. IAM. Know God’s child Yeshua, our brother in One God.

A beginning of all things new for those who have realized the deep inner lies of the known world that all participated in creating.

Upon the acceptance of our Eternal God and the acceptance that Gods’ Spirit is dwelling within you, and that you are created in the image (Light) of God as a child of God and the free choice to let go of who you thought you were….all the lies of separation from God are seen.

God is realized within. The journey of a new life as a new creation in God begins.

As you let go of the world you remain in peace experiencing the beauty of embodiment in that which you truly are shall be braided together by God, into One unified Being of Light, here now while in the body.

Transfiguration begins.

No more separation shall ever be experienced in your life.

You are complete. One in God.

Time to emerge and be seen as a Bearer of Truth.

Many will need your strength as you stand in your Sovereignty.

Sovereignty is in the knowledge of Truth, a gift from God.

Your true inheritance is opened up for you and extended to you as an heir to God’s kingdom here.

Many will seek guidance as you reveal the Light of God as guided to do so.

The awareness of false light that has deceived many is shown clearly so that you may know this in your life and assist all in navigating the world to see.

You shall be a giver of the Keys of Wisdom.

For preparation of resurrection into Eternity and eternal life.

Then unified as One, those having chosen shall be moving fully guided by our Eternal Creator God.

God shall lead them to the gate through our alliance to God’s will, to show them how to use the Key of Eternal Life and emerge free in the Kingdom.


Sweet home.

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