This is Sovereignty – this is enlightenment – this is Mastery – this is Ascension.

Published November 16, 2022 by tindertender

With each degree of expanded awareness, you move away from the world you once lived in. Your awakening has meant that you are no longer in the same dimensional space that you used to occupy. Your expanded awareness has started to reveal more of the world around you as you feel and see and become to know a world that you have never experienced before. ​

Your family and friends will appear identical for they are indeed a version of themselves but you are not the same version of yourself that you were before your journey started. Your version will be present in a greater level of dimensions then they will experience themselves. You will see a world that they do not – you will feel and experience energies that they do not.

To expand your awareness, you must be prepared to severe all the lower vibrational ties that bind you to the lower versions of yourself. In time you become a higher energised, higher dimensional being that will replace the third dimensional version that used to fill the same space. People who knew the previous version will begin to wonder where on Earth YOU came from. Your ‘friends’ will no longer have the same vibration – they will not be able to relate to you or you to them unless they too are prepared to change.

All the day to day worries that occupy so much of your time WILL eventually fall away from your thoughts. Conversations that you once joined in with will sound like the twittering of birds – you will dismiss them as irrelevant, you will ‘literally’ alienate yourself from them, you will not relate to them for indeed you are no longer related to their versions.

The higher energies create larger aura’s – your vibrations will be recognised by those that are similar – you will attract far more to you that is conducive to your advancement.

All that annoys you, worries you, scares you, angers you and upsets you – must be accepted and its control released by you. You cannot take these with you or advance with these present within your Light Body. These are the weights of your beliefs that you have chosen to carry, to keep you heavily anchored to the Earth that you love so much. These are the sacrifices that have to be made for you to advance. This cannot happen if you do not accept their power over you.

Be happy to send Love and Light to those that shout at you.
Be happy to recognize those that believe that you should act the way that THEY see fit.
Be happy to act subordinately to those who feel the need to show domination.
Be happy to understand a bad situation that someone else has put you in to make them feel better about themselves.
Be happy to choose to lose to those who only settle for winning.
These are all choices which demonstrate awareness of YOU.

Now, choose whether you want THESE people to remain in your life, for they will continue to present their version until your version no longer allows a resonating match for them.

This is Sovereignty – this is enlightenment – this is Mastery – this is Ascension.

Loving Blessings 💜

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

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