Love Conquers All

Published September 19, 2022 by tindertender

By @shiftingtimeline

Before the great fall, earth was once a planet that thrived spiritually in a golden age. The leylines were energetic centres that connected the earth to the galactic and universal system of multidimensional intelligence through stargates, supporting individual and planetary ascension.

The ancient races were connected to their higher stations of identity and served as wisdom keepers and grid workers, preserving the founder records that were encoded within their own dna and cellular memory. This would have meant that communication was more heart based and intuitive and not so verbal and intellectual.

The earth is a garden of eden. It can support all life as an open source system with no loss in energy amongst the living systems. When nature adheres to divine law, which is the Law of One, life becomes self-sustaining, working interdependently in service of the whole.

When the stargates were hijacked, the energy could be redirected as reversal currents to create wormholes, or black hole systems that siphoned organic energy out into the corrupted lower planes inhabited by fragmented parasitic consciousness that had severed its connection to source.

This turned earth into a finite, closed source system of degeneration and entropy, forging individual and a collective shadow body that led to progressively shorter life spans and increased suffering. Individuals became shut off from their higher intelligence and confined within the 3D layers of reality existing in dualistic separation consciousness, governed by the ego personality matrix.

We are coming to the completion of this cycle, emerging out of the dark age to remember our spiritual origins and to reconnect to the thread of love that binds all creation. This way we understand how our self-serving choices generate karmic consequences through the law of cause and effect.

This gives us the opportunity to reorient back in alignment with the organic timeline that serves divine law for the betterment of all creation, including ourselves. The intention to serve in this way opens the door to the divine once again, and invites grace to transmute the karmic imprints that have kept us looping within the 3D system.

This transformation is working to reform the planetary grid and restore energetic integrity to vanquish the lower forces in the light of consciousness. The new earth future timeline supports peace and freedom for all. What happens here will reverberate through the multidimensional field and so this planet is a hot point of interest for many lifeforms during this time.

In the end love will conquer because it is truth. We are here as the conduits to transduce higher frequencies back into this realm to support planetary ascension. We are finally rising from the slumber of amnesia to fulfil the mission that was written into our souls covenant prior to incarnation.

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