Biotechnology ~ System Reset

Published August 23, 2022 by tindertender

Intra-body nano network administered thru vax ~ Intra-body communication is a method that utilizes the human body as a broadcast biological medium for electromagnetic signals to inter-connect wireless body sensors. Study of the collaboration between electromagnetic waves and human cells has gained importance in recent years leading towards developing and establishing new novel concept which is the idea of nano-communications using nano-networks to form in-vivo communication that are aimed to offer wireless communication between interior nano-sensors. The emergent of this advanced unprecedented prospective approach of deploying the in vivo communication concept in the health sector is considered as a key potential technology that enhances healthcare delivery and enables the progress of future applications and services.

Transhumanism ~,stick:H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgfcSYxC3w8sc9YanISWtOXmMM5uL0zCtJLSpOTS4REuFi9y9ILUrMSxHiFGLnYnXKz88uFjJAiKoKKXNxBqXmJJakpoTkC4lxsbnmlWSWVArxSHFxcejn6huYp1vk8CxiFS4Bqi_OKM1NzMsszlVIAhkEAATXm_99AAAA,cid:overview

The Internet of bodies ~

Internet of bodies as foundation for digital monetary system ~

‘Under the radar’ UK Ministry of Defence Human Augmentation, The Dawn of a New Paradigm 2021, when a combatant’s body and soul is no longer theirs, ever, incarcerated in servitude for the greater good! 👇

Interested in nitty gritty details of what’s going on? Have a listen. 👇

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