History Repeats

Published July 4, 2022 by tindertender

A vengeful god who gains power through the use of fear, chooses to destroy those around him.

He chooses to keep them weakened, or bound to him in some way, in order to eliminate the potential of challenge.

Do you know what happens to a tree if it has the power to destroy those around it?

Do you know what happens if it chooses to make them weak, in order to be subservient?

It becomes diseased, it withers and becomes no more … well, not really. It becomes the fertile soil the next thing grows in.

In forestry, it is true that the neighbors can be genetically altered to resist disease, and I’m certain this has been considered.

The cycle continues.

Those attempting to force a “lesson” on others are getting schooled, or are about to.

Turn the wheel, let it spin, where it stops it ends, where it stops it begins.

I believe these are the real gamblers of the Multiverse … not some sleeper human addicted to paper money and chips.

What is is, it is.

What it will be, it will be.

One of the first lessons many of us were taught was how not to be a ‘sore loser’.

If the training needs to be leaned upon, let us do it in a good way.

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