This Present Moment

Published April 22, 2022 by tindertender

It is very easy to become wrapped up on our future especially when our current reality doesn’t represent anything of our previous life. Worrying about what will come next, how will your life look…

Meaningful activities help keep us present in our daily lives and for some of us we are having to relearn or learn new meaningful activities. This is changing who we are at a core level and change feels very uncomfortable.

Without our habits, roles and patterns who are we really? Who do you become when all of those things have been stripped away from your identity? You are forced to face who you really are in that present moment.

As a collective we are being challenged to reevaluate who we really are. Do you want your reality to return to how it was or have you been able to see what wasn’t working in your life?

Now is the time to make a shift and reevaluate how you want your life to look on the other side of this. Be present in the things you love. Being present in joyful meaningful activities creates the vibration of flow and love…our highest frequency.

This allows you to shift from worrying about what is next into a state of presence in the NOW. There is no past or future. Your life is only in the present moment. Just be and know you are LOVE.


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