The Final Liberation

Published April 22, 2022 by tindertender

The “future” final liberation event is catching up to our “now” very rapidly. We merge with the highest divine timeline (as many of us have already seen because we have already experienced it). What will unfold at that moment is a series of divine events and nothing can stop it.

I’ve been shown many times a wave of energy that everyone will experience. It’s loving but strong. You will feel it -don’t worry. It will awaken people and open their hearts. It will cleanse trauma, parasites, everything. It’s a wave of divine intelligent loving plasmic 🌈 light.

The next part of the Divine unfolding of events is beyond our wildest imaginations. Many people will choose to be reconnected with their Galactic families at this time and star families. The veil will be lifted because of the energy. People’s hearts will be awakened so they will be more easily able to connect with their star families. In my own personal vision last November: I saw my Star Family connect with me to bring me to a more secure/supportive environment with them off Gaia for an undetermined amount of time -I don’t know for how long.

You’ll have a choice after the first event kicks off (energy wave/flash) where you’ll be BEST & what’s best for YOU. The Doom timelines for the pure hearted have been completely erased/eradicated. You have options opening up to you that you may not have thought of before or known.

The dying fake and phony 3D matrix will crumble and completely disolve. The energetic event seals it. The energy wave will rebirth the pure hearted (opening up MUCH more options) and anything that is not of the highest organic Ascension Divine Love timeline will cease to exist.

There will be Earth changes after the main energetic event. As mother Gaia cleanses the old structures. All remaining Evil at that point is dealt with by Source Creator. The changes are to cleanse Gaia as she also completes her Awakening & Ascension journey birthing HER New Earth.

This is why you will as a pure-hearted one have options. You ARE DIVINELY guided & protected during her cleansing process after the energetic wave. You agreed a very long time ago -because you were the strongest for this mission. You are safe and protected on this journey ALWAYS.

Another big part of this is too TRUST that you are ready for the event & the subsequent shift that occurs. Know that you’re prepared for this on a soul level in many ways. We are not taking our material positions or baggage with us, but that’s okay everything will be provided for.

I’ve also seen that many at the time of the energetic event & the shift will be Christed. They will undergo a process of forgiveness. Many will be given a chance to heal that may not have been available to them before no matter how many times they tried-Many we’re indoctrinated.

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