Let’s Talk About Starseeds

Published March 13, 2022 by tindertender

While star seeds are obviously human, spiritually they are 100% alien. Star Seeds have volunteered to incarnate in a human body. Most of them will only be living life as a human once.

A star seed isn’t interested in the normal things that most people are interested in. They always live their lives with a bigger purpose. Or they feel that they are here for a specific reason.

They will often have special experiences. Such as being abducted or having conversations with an entity that they feel are their real parents. These visits will often continue into adulthood, and become abduction like episodes.

Star Seeds are not bound by karma. They do not carry the burden of past lives. They are here only to assist the human race on its evolutionary journey.

Some star seeds are here for the purpose of assisting the earth in its evolution. Most star seeds will be returning to their home worlds after they complete their mission. Others are going to remain on earth, after the shift to help humans with the massive changes.

Some star seeds will remain in physical form, but will be summoned by a fleet of ships that will soon be approaching the earth. These star seeds will become the leaders in the post shift world. These Star seeds are here to give humanity its wake up call.


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