Vision’s Fulfillment

Published March 12, 2022 by tindertender

The time ends for my active work in this area. Yet I shall live a long time to tell of all I know. Those who come to me for advice, I will inspire with my vision’s fulfillment. I have lived a brave life and passed the tests of time. I have brought forth all of the beauty within me on the path of my purpose. My art now guides the world toward right relationship to all that is. I am free now to take up a new path. But while I am here, I will lead with love and kindness. I will pass on what I know. Ancient ancestors, guide me on to the golden road so that I do not get lost in past glory. Keep me aware of new days to come. Make me a child again.

This is an end time. But it is also a time in which I reign supreme over challenges faced. I seek wisdom in reflection, I am thankful.

I do not get caught up in the feeling of “dying”. There is no death that lasts. I let go of my identification with the earlier parts of my journey. I am not the journey. I am not the past. I am not a has-been or a once-was. I am vital to the here and now.

I am a living example of that which I have spent my life energy.

I will be born again in the future of my own creation.

Paradise by Jan Bruegel

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