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Vision’s Fulfillment

Published March 12, 2022 by tindertender

The time ends for my active work in this area. Yet I shall live a long time to tell of all I know. Those who come to me for advice, I will inspire with my vision’s fulfillment. I have lived a brave life and passed the tests of time. I have brought forth all of the beauty within me on the path of my purpose. My art now guides the world toward right relationship to all that is. I am free now to take up a new path. But while I am here, I will lead with love and kindness. I will pass on what I know. Ancient ancestors, guide me on to the golden road so that I do not get lost in past glory. Keep me aware of new days to come. Make me a child again.

This is an end time. But it is also a time in which I reign supreme over challenges faced. I seek wisdom in reflection, I am thankful.

I do not get caught up in the feeling of “dying”. There is no death that lasts. I let go of my identification with the earlier parts of my journey. I am not the journey. I am not the past. I am not a has-been or a once-was. I am vital to the here and now.

I am a living example of that which I have spent my life energy.

I will be born again in the future of my own creation.

Paradise by Jan Bruegel

A New Realization

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

In order for the leaders of this dimensional reality to receive their version of paradise, they must assist those ensnared and tortured underground in gaining freedom, so they can be returned to their rightful, heavenly homes and healed.

It’s the “new” being birthed, but rather than the price be the suffering of the Light Bearers, the price is in their freedom.

Which is why these underground tunnel systems are being blown, and human trafficking systems being dismantled.

Image: Public Domain
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