Message 2/23/2021

Published February 24, 2021 by tindertender

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy & immediately saw white angel feathers falling everywhere. The angels are all around us.

They are here in numbers I have never seen before.

This indicates to me there is a very significant event on the horizon they are here to assist us with. I hear the angels are making gossamer nets to hold us in so nobody falls in despair. They are here to support and uplift us.

They are singing and their notes are anchoring in healing frequencies of love.

The second image I see are another group of angels bowling as I have viewed before. However this time, I see them bowl a couple of strikes and then they gather all of their equipment and leave the bowling alley. This indicates part of their journey is completed and they are ready to move onto the next mission of helping to build the gilded society on earth.

In the final image I see a Native American male riding a horse holding a flagpole as he rides. The flag on the pole is red, white and blue but it is not an American flag. The symbols are different. I hear this flag represents all of the Americas and that he rides to unify this part of the world. Then I see him standing next to a giant tree. He throws what looks like tobacco in the wind and gives homage to the Great Spirit. He says this tree represents the unification of humanity.

This is why the ancestors are here. They are preparing us for the next phase in our evolution, the time of the great peace. He says this is something so many have experienced many lifetimes to prepare for, to witness the birth of a new nation and a new world where the children of the Great Spirit will unite under a flag of peace.

He says it is a return to the rule of the children of the light. He signifies war will be no more I see a white buffalo calf as a symbol of the peace that is arriving on earth. With this peace our birthrights from the Creator will be returned to us.

Source: @lightworker4441

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