The Light You Are

Published February 7, 2021 by tindertender

The entire world has been predicting outcome over the last several months based on what we have been indoctrinated to expect through a massive social programming campaign.

This is a huge mistake as where vibration is directed energy flows and outcomes are created.

“They” have used fear tactics for centuries to control the outcome in this realm to suit their wants and desires at the cost of ours.

This point in our evolution is no different. 

However, the choice has never been more clear.

If you can train your mind to see something you once viewed as frightening as an opportunity to evolve beyond, all the while recognizing the Divine as its true nature (what it is beyond what it presents AS) you can intentionally lift your energy/pierce the shadow, to lift it energetically to the light of its true nature.

This is an example of transmuting darkness & it is very much within everyone’s realm of possibility!

As you align to the Divine nature of GOD AS ALL, you stop discounting the inherent Divine in yourself, in all else, and lift the landscape in ALL YOU VIEW and have a relationship with.

Unity is the truth of our being.

Separation of any kind is the lie.

If you can change your purview our world will shift around you.

Resurrect the innate Light of Truth within you be recognizing it in all without exception!

Know this: the campaign of left versus right, right versus wrong, Democrat versus Republican is a trap to promote division and control outcome.

Dominion is the ability to claim the Divine beyond fear or separation, in ONE & ALL.

God expresses in a multitude of ways. You just need to learn how to see beyond it to dissolve the barrier/illusion of separation.

The emancipation of your Soul is underway.

Do you have what it takes to stay the course?

Will you free your mind and allow yourself to see the basis of all things is the Divine/God Self expressing in infinite ways?

Aligning YOUR LIGHT to this ONE truth shall set you free!


Catherine Nisbett


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