Who Are The Satan?

Published December 14, 2020 by tindertender

I always knew folks loved to talk about me … it’s been my life. Little did I know they were instigated by some in the unseen, who are equally obsessed … with my strength, my energy, my sexual sensitivity and my personality, which they call “attitude”.

I do not understand the thrill of seeking out a lioness only to complain of her character. Perhaps it has something to do with some aspects of the masculine wanting to squash a strong willed woman. “Is She the last one?” He asks …

We’ve been here before … seen — unseen.

The attempt to replace her love with turmoil is obvious.

I cannot understand these aspects of the masculine and of course, they offer no explanation, expecting only a blind submission, with threat of harm should she exercise her own Will, freely. They call it sabotage of ones self.

I explain that chanting OM, setting my cellular structure to dance, is not a sabotage, that primarily, those who continuously speak of sabotage are the ones attempting to birth the creation of it. They say chanting OM and expanding the auric field is a form of advertising self to the telepathic and psychic realms … apparently it comes across as a for sale sign to them. Let alone being told I was advertising myself as for sale. “How much?” I heard a male ask a higher up.

They suggest shrinking, not embracing ones full potential out of fear of being sold to the Galactics, possibly harmed over and over again.

No respect for the power of the individual, no honor of a human life form, only a desire to possess.

Apparently the human soul is like gold …. the wealthiest among them have many.

I give them opportunity to speak to the people, through me … they become silent. CAT got their tongues. It’s funny that I so happen to be leonine. They’re obsessed …

You’re so beautiful; I like her sensitivity; I like her strength; She’s fleshy; She has attitude; She can do whatever she wants … like I’m supposed to be under some hypnotic trance or manipulation. (They had mentioned my ‘chip’ was non-functional).

This has been going on for nearly 20 years. I climbed out from under the mess I created for myself. Yet, the punishers are still present, still determined to possess me, in one form or another.

Through my experience I discovered how much I love life. I became aware of my inner child. I stopped drinking, smoking and all partying. I delved deep into those things that triggered me, and I loosened the knots they bound me with.

I happen to love life. Mind you, when they came along I was behaving in a way that showed how little I cared for self, how little I respected or honored self. In a way, their entry in my life has been a tragic, and blessed experience.

I look around me and read about other people’s experiences with the unseen and I say to self, “Why can’t I be in communication with benevolence? Why do I get the bad guys?” Who, by the way, are bringing about the end times and have been instructed to ‘make it difficult’.

I avoided writing about my experiences due to their negativity, perhaps it is time to tell all, or at least, some.

Not everyone in the telepathic realms are kind or benevolent, yet they insist we treat them with respect, acknowledging their power. Of course, not all people are aware of them.

Due to their judgements and trespasses I have been very stand-offish, a rebel, if you will.

They sometimes steal my core heat, they’ll touch my soul and leave me quaking (like what happened to Angela Merkel). https://youtu.be/tgGC3a8jamc THIS is what it looks like when you are grabbed by the soul. One of these beings in the unseen even threatened to give my eyes to his wife.

The most common for interruption are the alcoholic and drug user, those harboring anger uncontrolled. These people can be easily infiltrated and manipulated.

I continue to live.

They speak of me as a survivor. I tell them no, I am resilient, this is why I still live.

I relax and open self to be a conduit of messaging for the people yet strangely, they grow quiet. I still hear them speaking of me: she’s psychic; I like this one; She’s strong.

I’ve discovered that strength means different things to them. As in: Life Force Energy and Strength of Will.

So I determine to be a student of particular folks who offer ways to fortify my surroundings and strengthen my Will, to become Creator, rather than responding to external influences. To be that which creates and experiences rather than being an experiencer of another’s hidden tactics alone.

I am told often by these ones to “be careful of what you say”, yet I cannot, for it is mostly thought forms and they flow like a river, as they should in a free and open mind. I will not attempt to stifle self for the pleasure of the unseen.

Now, I Will try to stop being so noisy with music. They say, “What if every psychic/telepathic person were to listen to music at the same time?” Well, it would be chaos. So I’m attempting to be more respectful of this “space”.

And they continue: She’s innocent; She’s not been baptized; She’s sacrilegious; She’s savior.

We know the cross/savior story has been repeated for every generation of human, or by now we should know. The internet has all that knowledge ready at the fingertips for those researchers. Here is one such link: https://ffrf.org/component/k2/item/23737-cookie-cutter-christs.

We are generation 4 human. There is a cleansing going on now, to make way for generation 5. The light washing over this planet and inside every individual is the sanctification of the bioform and it’s energies. The harvest is soon upon us.

Those that remain will receive a vaccine, it is a method of putting to sleep the human mind and keeping them sick for profit, keeping them docile, following orders, and not questioning anything. The vaccine will cause sterilization. Babies will be grown in an artifices womb, after the egg has been modified to remove undesirable traits.

You think the movies are for entertainment only? No, they are all about disclosure. They must tell the public what they are doing so as not to break any rules. By our cheering the producers and actors and admiring the story, we become complicit with their actions, we do not object. We submit while our minds grow numb.

Hundred of thousands of people disappear every year, the children cry and suffer for the elites specialties.

Video games; television … distractions which have no purpose for building a future or improve on the day to day. Keep people in a trance, a waking and willful trance.

Add in alcohol, cannabis and all other legal and non-legal drugs there remains little capacity to create, only to do the bidding of another and others.

A woman who’s life revolves around creating three square meals a day, keeping house and doing laundry, loses her drive to dive deep into the knowing of self. Everything she is, is poured into her spouse, her children, her grandchildren. It’s all about being a servant. I’m not saying this is a horrible way to spend life, I admire these women. If her mate transitions prior to her, if her kids are moved out, she is left alone, wondering who the heck she is, what should she do now?

I know. I’ve lost myself twice in similar fashion.

Now I’ve reached a point where I do not really care if an aspect of the masculine comes into my life. If he does, he’ll need to know self and be seeking a partner, not a servant.

There comes a time when self-respect insists on high quality relations.

That means with the self first and foremost, then another if they happen to come along. Some folks say “Seek and yea shall find” especially when speaking of the kingdom of god.

Now, we know by now that in most all cases, the harder we seek, the more elusive “it” becomes.

It takes a lot of work to know thyself …. and what it means to know the Kingdom is within you. Which is why there are so many in the astral now seeking the key, the key which is held in the consciousness of the human mind and Spirit and Soul.

“Give us the Key!” they demand. Trying to invade the medulla oblongata, a humans god spot.


When we abuse substances, our aura is weakened, our aetheric body becomes vulnerable. It is damaged, and ripe for infiltration.

I mention it as a warning for you because this infiltration ends many lives in the physical, it certainly is a given that the life one once knew is over, whether the body survives or not.

Soon, many will become telepathic, whether they have a weakened aura or not. The planetary vibrations are rising, and so are the vibrations of each life form.

This coming transition was once spoken of as a “planetary harvest” and now they are calling it an ascension.

By the way, those who call themselves the satan think of humans and other life as commodity only.

Do what you must to care for self. Seek the kingdom of god within you. Stop looking for a savior … it IS you.

Claim your sovereignty, and the authority over your own life.

You decide what is right for you.

Lead, or be led.

Have you heard of the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do”? This is happening in all facets of government right now … indeed, it’s always been this way. It’s simply more obvious now that the vibrations are rising and a spark is ignited in minds the world over.

The “leaders” leading their sheep, straight into their demise, all while expressing verbally their care as they amass more wealth.

Soon, there will be a severe population decline and only the leaders will have the wealth.

Generation 5 human won’t know how these ones got so rich, or powerful, or why they have so little.

They won’t know about the harvest or the theft. They’ll be asleep as we were for so long …

Until the next awakening and harvest.

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