Prayer For The Youth

Published November 3, 2020 by tindertender

Everything seems so big when we are young, so difficult. It is at that time we are standing in our full vitality, yet many of us are not taught how to channel this energy productively, usefully. Without any form of knowledge of the “bigger picture” we scramble along in semi-destruction mode.

Bless the youth as they find their way. May their heart, spirit and soul be uplifted and eased of the potent, chaotic flow they are born to wield … and learn to master.

May many wise ones, no matter the age or status, “collide” with them at the time they need guidance or insight the most.

May they gleen from every single experience that which brings them closer to understanding, and fully loving self.

May Love be swimming through their veins and pounding in their chest. May their every breath invigorate and strengthen them. May they never doubt their worth, their value, or how much this world needs them.

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