Bringing Light To Shadow ~ Balance

Published October 3, 2020 by tindertender

Many folks, myself included, like to think we are all “love and peace” … bringing light into the world by being kind, when we feel like cussing someone out. And yes, this helps in tremendous ways we cannot even fathom currently.

What do you find yourself doing in the astral, in your ‘dream’ states? Are you dreaming light and fluffy? Or are you in shadowy places? If in shadow, do you allow your shadowy side of polarity to flourish, or are you also attempting to bring light there?

It is the same. The various worlds are indeed differing realities of this life, equally needing balance.

If, while in shadow, we cuss and fume and tantrum (as I experienced for a moment last night) then we add to the darkness. This does not bring light to shadowy places. Learning to control our behaviors in the astral is just as crucial as learning to be moderate in our responses in our waking moments.

You may be experiencing more shadowy dream states these nights. The worlds are merging, and our responsibilities increasing.

We can see by the chaos in the world currently that folks are either unaware of the merging responsibilities, or they are not trying to bring light to shadowy situations … out of control additions to chaos … claiming the whole while, in many cases, to want peace. Blaming the world for the darkness they themselves contribute to.

I get it, I really do. Sometimes our triggers are flipped in such surprising swiftness the ‘reaction’ takes over before we get a chance to think. ‘Responding’ in an effective and beneficial manner impossible in these moments … which is exactly why our triggers must be investigated, evaluated, and absolved of the unconscious power they have over us.

If we truly want peace, like I feel the majority of us do, then the change must begin inside us, inside the WE that make up the whole.

Eyes wide open, both in the waking world, and in the sleeping (or astral) … intention for peace must be sought and garnered, gathered and strewn about with as much love as we can muster.

Trust me when I say I am no expert. Why, last night a woman told me there was no ‘out’ for me in the shadow realms. I flipped out and called her the ‘C’ word … the one word I really do not like (training from youth, you know) … anyhow, I took the candles off the table and headed for the outdoors in shadow land, where a kind hearted fellow embraced me while I calmed down.

The thing is, I’m in process of researching my triggers, here and there. I intend to master myself in both realms, rather than being mastered and manipulated … I will do the manipulations … of self, for I have no desire to manipulate others.

I think of the look on that woman’s face as I exploded in trigger mode, and I wonder how it must have affected her. I am responsible for that … and my truest desire is to learn to respond with love, or at least a calm demeanor which allows me simply to say, “Thank you for your input, have a nice day.”

Oh, these worlds we live in and are responsible for. They are beautiful and horrifying at the same time.

Dwelling on light is my intention, yet a wise woman once said, “The brighter you are, the darker you are also.” Bringing that beautiful light to our shadows is the goal, at least it is mine.

Should all people consider for a moment the absolute HUGENESS of this, and other realities, we might stand a chance at actually bringing heaven on earth, peace to all landshere and there.

May Source (whatever name you give it) be with us in these days, these moments, and assist us in the navigation of Self while we learn who we are and what we truly are made of, help us to bring the light into our own shadowy spaces so we may help others in the world do the same.

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