Published October 2, 2020 by tindertender

I have quite the active astral life. Most of which I have absolutely NO understanding. The learning process is one in which my own misunderstanding causes judgement to rise … judgement which I am in practice of releasing.

This world and the life it holds is all I have to compare these otherworldly experiences to, and often I believe I misinterpret what I see and experience … yet, perhaps this too is a misunderstanding.

Maybe life on and in all worlds is basically the same, only on different evolutionary paths or levels. This is what makes it seem so different, for many of these patterns are no longer seen in this world, in these times.

Think of the canine … the wolf and the coyote.

At one point in time (and still in certain areas and circumstances) these would eat us in a heartbeat, we would have to defend ourselves, set traps, and outsmart them in order to not be food for them. Nowadays, for the most part, the canine is our friend and companion, we’ve bred and trained the beast out of them.

When visiting other worlds, it is the same. Untamed territory, prehistoric beliefs about sacrifice and appeasing the gods, protection and defense, protector and defender.

We still have the mindset of protector and defender here in our current scenarios. But do we truly understand the meaning of defender vs protector?

If someone or something attacks me or those I love, I defend. But what if I threw the attacker a bone, a nugget of choice to distract and satisfy its primitive behaviors and needs? What if I did that instead of kicking it, or trying to kill it? What if, instead, I worked toward making it friend?

A difficult process when understanding is lacking. Even more so when the effort to understand is completely left at the wayside and combat embraced and utilized as the go-to for survival.

We see today, in the USA and indeed the whole of the world, people coming against each other.

Warriors who fought for peace, when in fact they were taking the ability for peace and freedom from others. The mind was trained to believe a certain thing, the body trained to endure it … yet we see many veterans who cracked … because it is not natural. The subconscious, the inner psyche knows it is not right to kill or maim in an effort to bring peace.

It is an absolute contradiction which tears the mind apart, or deadens the heart.

We have veterans now who are getting ready to step up and defend against domestic terrorism … orchestrated by the string pullers, the jar shakers, those who control life from behind scenes.

Many people will be harmed, simply because they lack the willingness to hear, in a peaceful way, each other …

Rather, they are being steered into battle.

It is important to remember that where attention goes, energy flows. That which we focus on grows.

Yes, some are destroying life as we knew it. The water wars are beginning now, as wall street prepares to trade water rights …..

So what is the solution?

It seems obvious that governments must be deconstructed and reconstructed as a unified presence … unified because the people participate in the solution rather than empowering the potentials which cause separation.

There is enough for all, should we stop warring and actually think about solutions rather than who has the most, who is hording, ugh … empowering greed with our very own attention.

So many are creating solutions NOW. Ways to clean the oceans, different light source medical relief and treatments, vehicles which run clean and in such a manner that cause less stress on the planet and atmosphere, ways to collect water from the very air we breath, the dew, which I know the planet needs, but they are trying to find beneficial ways to live, that bear little impact on our world. It is that effort, the unified thinking processes of ALL people which can assist life instead of tearing it down. (let us toss aside the faulty ‘voting’ processes and go to a truer way of communicating our inner most connections with Source, sharing and caring with each other, as a unit.

Leaders schmeeders …. they are only as powerful as their base, and the base is crumbling … the people are crumbling ….

The solution providers are where the energy must be placed. Those who not only are able to help themselves, but are able to help others, empowering each other to empower the planet and all life upon it.

The potential of being the solution provider for other worlds is upon us. If only we could embrace the solution for our selves, rather than the problems. The problems which are created and perpetuated by those who desire control and power.

That is such an old way of being ….

We can continue on the path of overpowering everything that we encounter, or we can befriend it all, working out harmonious ways to satisfy the needs of all.

Is it going to be easy? My mind says no …

But reality says yes, it really is that simple.

To simply decide to be solution rather than separation and problems.

Ultimately, it is the people who choose war or peace.

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