The Challenge

Published August 19, 2020 by tindertender

We are in the midst of a hidden, yet hostile takeover of our planet. The domineering galactics, That portion who overlooks the human factor and sees all life as a commodity, have been at work, diligently.

The Illuminati, the real ones, have been activated and are working to destroy the unsuspecting … they’ve been given the order and the go-ahead to fuck over minds, to ensnare spirit and soul of mankind.

That toilet paper shortage, or the desire to horde it? This was a demonstration as to the effectiveness of their incantations, their hypnotism of the populace.

They are working magic to cause men and women to go to war with each other, and with their governments. When all they need do is not participate in the bullshit. Taking back their power as creators and instead of warring against the machine, using their valuable energies to create that which they want. Fuck off the “leaders” and do what thou wilt. In a constructive and valued measure.

I saw them during astral travel working their spells, they are quite vigorous in their methods to ensnare and cause chaos amid minds.

The question is … Is My Will Stronger Than Their Magic?

Not if we aren’t aware, or accepting of this manipulative truth.

They want war among the people … they want war among the people and their governments … they want this chaos, indeed, they have created it … and people are falling right in line.

Stop being a puppet to the oldest system in this world.

Stop being led to do harm, to think shitty thoughts, and to rebel.

Start creating that which you desire … fuck off the rule makers, the spell casters …

Turn off the TV. Ignore the pop-up alerts on the computers. They are broadcasting gossip, infecting minds with the truest virus of the mind, gossip. Using the rote technique via the messages on the digital highway signs, they are infecting minds with a fear virus. Cover your eyes when you drive by these signs, it’s getting into your mind via the retinal nerve.

You must strengthen your mind warriors. It begins with comprehension of the reality behind scenes.

Yes, there are atrocious things happening to the children and to the people by very bad entities that like to masquerade as human beings.

Take the protection of them into your own hands. The government will never protect you or your family. They will steal, abuse and murder the young ones and demand the older ones fight in wars and die there. They will instigate an insurrection so more will die in that process.

This manipulation must be left at the wayside.

Gather in community.

Set up your neighborhood watch.

Grow communal gardens.

Share food with each other.

Stop the blaming, the finger pointing at each other, the enemy is not your neighbor … they are being manipulated, just as you are … and many are hypnotized into believing this truth is false … so they continue to cast guilt and shame onto those they encounter.

Step back for a few days and simply observe … you will see it plain should you open your mind the the possibility of these facts I’ve shared with you.

Create the world you wish to live in without the use of hired, corrupted officials and politicians.

Create peace with each other, rather than the programming of war, of rebellion.

You all have the power to generate peace on earth … and your power is being manipulated so that you participate in the destruction instead.

Have you ever heard the motto, Just do it ….

This is our world.

Show that you care.

Stop warring. This energy is being harnessed and utilized by the Illuminati against you … against we.

I have not read this book, however I’m certain it could be a great place to start for many.

Take back your mind.

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