Wee Hour Realization

Published August 13, 2020 by tindertender

They who constantly dish out pain or suffering are showing plain what resides in their own being. They will implode, their creation will expire, for they lack the skill or desire to transform their own bullshit, they simply offload it onto the unsuspecting, the innocent, and call it power.

They never create that which is good for it does not reside in them … it will always feed on the light and love of another. It is incapable of generating for its own needs, it will always be a feeder … never an actual producer of that which is good. It is insufficient in and of itself. It will fade without light, it will never be equal to benevolence. It will implode and become no-thing.

It is capable of taking love, like the thief it prefers to be, utterly incapable of seeing this truth.

On the one hand, the light is using life to threaten darkness. On the other, darkness steals what light is given. No respect is shown by either side of this warring nature. I’m stuck, indeed we all are, between two factions who refuse to cede to each other.

It is a Power Play.

All will be destroyed by this arrogant abuse of Will. On all sides.

If light truly does feed the dark, perhaps the dark is what it is because that is what it is feeding on, this is what the light gives it, or more likely … this is what the dark incites from the light. What does the dark feed the light? The same, the only thing it has available to itself … it is a reciprocation … a never ending reciprocation.

Why should those of the light use anyone to threaten the dark, knowing the dark has the power to put them in a hell?

Both factions are erring egregiously, and no one can see it, except the middle (wo)man being played against itself.

Neutrality seems to be the only solution. A non-exchange.

Let everyone stand still for a moment, for some time in their own space and being, and understand this war between light and dark is within them, being projected outward into the world.

Rest with it.

Come to terms with it.

This is the path of ascension.

Or perhaps this, too, is an illusion.

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