A Post Many Women Can Relate To

Published July 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo

You know what life is right now?

It is hating my ass A LOT. It is thinking HOW CAN I HAVE AN ASS LIKE THIS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.


And then about a day later, I am LOVING my ass. Like really really digging the shape, and the jiggle, and the softness, and how I can flex it. I want certain people to do things to it. Sending pictures celebrating it to my women on fire, of course.

I am taking advantage of this happy ass moment because I know, inevitably, I am going to hate it at again at some point. I am going to wake up in the morning and curse the gods of asses and the creative demons behind perfectly curated instagram photos with arched backs and waxed ass cheeks that look like the virgin ass cheeks of a baby deer.

I am going to demand that I AM GIVEN ANOTHER ASS OR ELSE.

How I feel about my ass is essentially, how I feel about my life.

Reality looks like:

Feeling decent, good even. Like hey, I am not doing too bad. Then a day or so later….



My work now isn’t so much the doing or changing or growing or being better, but letting myself be loved and not looking for the ways so much in which I don’t feel loved.

For I am being loved. Deeply. Every day.

Love reminds me to get an Xray on my back, even when I don’t want to go.

Love is putting my heart, needs, feelings, first, even if it’s not convenient, or easy. If it hurts. Or is scary. Or is annoying.

Love is so blissed out to be with me, it is as if I never have a bad ass day. Ever.

Love is playing board games with me, getting mad at me, giving me the best org*sms of my life.

Love goes pretty easy on me and most importantly:

Love tells me my ass looks great.

Because it does.

In woman on fire we have good ass days and bad ass days, and we celebrate them all. No more avoiding or numbing out or wallowing alone.

We do that shit IN THE LIGHT OF DAY: together! Where we can finally laugh at ourselves and cry and hold each other from miles away.

We get reprieve for a moment from the addiction to self-flatulence and aggrandizement that can play in our heads.

PM me to claim one of our last few spots for this round of woman on fiyah.

Because hey, you have a great ass.

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