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Written by: decodingthehive –dot- info | 5/10/20

I want you to take a long hard look at this picture because this is the reason “aliens” don’t want to talk to you. Not a joke, but for real.

I know, because I don’t just know them, I’ve known them, personally, for years. OFF-planet beings, not this nonsense of “Pleiadeans” acting like they come from that constellation when in fact they’ve been sequestered right here, underground, for eons and eons of time during Tara Urth Quarantine – hiding from surface “human” man and hiding their higher technology that could have stemmed this tide many times over by now. I mean from the actual beings who have absolutely the last word on what happens or doesn’t happen on this planet.


Fear isn’t just a matter of being weak in the knees when surprised by a tiger in the jungle, it is a condition brought on by millions of years of being tricked and subjugated so many times they have officially lost their way and now succumb to the notion they are no longer gods, but actually physical bodies walking around entirely by happenstance alone as if evolution -you know, that incredibly insane myth that DNA alters itself to suit its surroundings and magically somehow just grows a different and secondary set of lungs or develops the ability to produce real fusion light in the absolute darkness they live in at the bottom of sea- that kind of evolution supposedly just changes all on its own. The hysterical, illogical and often infantile notion that genetics actually works this way. Let me tell you now, it doesn’t and let me remind you right now that you are no more a body than you are a plant.

You were never “born”. That concept is equally deluded. You WERE. You ARE. And you will always, always BE.

Read that last sentence again, because if there was ever one thing I’ve ever tried to pass along to this evolution is that. You. Are. God.


You CHOSE to come into YOUR OWN CREATION to see what it was like to touch someone, something, anything. Something cold. Something “wet”. Something “material”, because where you come from there is NO SUCH THING as anything cold, wet or material. At all. There is only awareness.

And that gets damn old damn fast.

Especially to an awareness that has a clock speed millions of times that of the processor you call your human brain right now while you are in total lockdown, total isolation and total enslavement.

Let me make this one thing extremely clear right now, if you are willing to be so fearful of manifesting IN YOUR OWN CREATION that you are willing to wear a personal tent to protect you from YOUR OWN CREATION, you have just stepped over that edge where you are literally, in real life, giving away what we would refer to as your “crown”. You know, that thing that is supposed to herald a birth rite, a possession or what is secretly called your ESTATE as a living, breathing embodiment of the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever present creator god. That is creator with a lower-case, ABSOLUTE OMNIPOTENCE LETTER c and a lower case and equally OMNIPOTENT (look that word up right now) letter g.

I am nearly finished with this mission and will soon be out of your hair forever. But before I go I will do everything in my power to convey to you this one thing: you made everything you see before you.

You imagined it, studied it, engineered it, made prototypes of it, then you rebuilt it, then you rebuilt it again.

And again.

And again for millions, billions and trillions of times until it finally worked like what you see before you today. To say that mankind hasn’t even the faintest, SLIGHTEST notion of what the human body actually is, what the flora world actually is or the fauna actually took to bring into “creation” (holographic, 100% PROJECTED LIGHT) “reality” is a rudimentary understatement.


YOU have NOTHING to fear being here in manifest form because you CAN. NEVER. DIE. You will only take another shape. Another form. But like all “energy”, you simply change shape into your next journey. The next odyssey. The next ADVENTURE. But what you will never do is fall victim to “life”. Awareness. Presence. Because simply put; “you will never cease to be aware. Ever.”

Because where it is you come from doesn’t have beginnings or endings, there is only the now. And now has always existed and will always exist with a different sunrise (IF YOU INVENT IT) and a different sunset (IF YOU PAINT THAT PICTURE) because YOU willed that from before any creature ever moved. Any sunrise or sunset ever existed. The TEMPLATE that you gave the “cosmeias” was that it would be forever adapting, changing and refreshing itself so the boredom of simply awareness would never overcome you again.

And THAT is what this WHOLE THING has been about since DAY ONE as far as “time” ever goes back: There HAS to be a spark of life in order to keep anyone -even a human who uses less than 10% of their own brain- from ever experiencing boredom and nothingness ever again.

This is a DRAMA folks. It was never EVER about “spiritual perfection” or “ultimate wisdom”, it has always been about entertainment. That’s why when you put a wooden spoon in the hands of a toddler he is thrilled for hours. Or when you place a car under his seat when he comes of age he is thrilled for years. Always extending excitement relative to the education and preparation of his awareness while within limited manifestation.


Where a god LIMITS her senses. LIMITS her abilities and LIMITS her awareness down to 1/1728th of her actual capabilities in order to create a sense of ANTICIPATION.

There is NO SUCH THING as something more exciting than anticipation. I don’t care if you’re talking about wine, women, song or m$ny, nothing compares to a creator god’s ability to imagine the most outrageous, intense and utterly mind-blowing scenarios that come from anticipation.


So you can just forget all about the spiritual bullshit right now, because I am telling you after 16,000 hours on this non-stop train from hell to wake up Indigos and humans to prepare for the shift that is RIGHT NOW IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE that I’ve never one time heard the term “spirituality” from the being you have called god since the first day you stepped onto this playing field. Not one time I can recall now. What I HAVE heard about so often as to become mind-numbing though has been things like “taking self-responsibility” and “standing in one’s own authenticity” and being forthright, fair, just and honest and treating this planet and all living things with honor and respect above all else because every single tree branch, every snowflake, raindrop, desert, forest and field and EVERY FACE you have ever seen has been your own reflection against the looking glass.

That bully in school, your best friend that stabbed you in the back in jr high, your closest buddy you gave up everything to throw in with on his new venture that he wound up screwing you on – as well as every waterfall, sunset and breathtaking moment you have ever shared- has been…. you.

You, god. You creator. You the ONE I AM that brought all things into existence with the vibration of your word. You did that. And when I tell you that YOU DID THAT, you can know this one thing:

I would never, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES mislead you about this, because I am tied hip-and-waist to you and YOUR FUTURE for the rest of what you can deem as “eternity” if I fail to get my message across authentically and ethically while you are within this last and final Stellar Activation Cycle, or the very last time while you are within your current personality or “flavor” of being you will ever know. If you fail this transition and you were ready and heard this voice, then I fail right beside you.


So you can call this selfish if you want to, my trying so hard to get you that one final message or spark for you that one last inspiration if you like. But from what I’ve been told (and I do mean face-to-face with the being who brought you into this current manifestation), this is a good thing and not a self-service because it is in harmony or in so many words sympathetic harmonic resonance with the grand scheme of the aether. Helping you that helps me is very much a win-win in all things related to an evolution. At least this is exactly how I understand her message to be.

So now that I have spoken and revealed to your local fb cops where that message is coming from, you can expect a couple of things. One, this group will likely be taken over by their in-house team that has every reason to stop you from ever understanding that it was YOU who designed and created this world and the rest of the cosmeias, and two, in that event this may be the last message you’re ever allowed to hear from me. We can only wait and see which hand they choose to play.

I came to you 7 years ago with one message: to understand that you created everything you think is material existence and you will never, not now, not tomorrow, not 100 trillion years from now, ever, ever die.

I have given everything in this world to bring you that message. My home, family members who I haven’t seen one of since the day I abandoned my old reality immediately after that moment, all my possessions down to 2 suitcases from a sprawling estate that would take a month to move out of, my patents and claims on products now in circulation around the world and spent 2 solid years living out of a car and eventually a little trailer that didn’t have so much as a bathroom or shower, dying and being brought back to life in replacement bodies 3x in order to bring you this. I would mislead or lie to you exactly the same time I succumbed to forced vaccination: not in the coldest day in hell.

This is all about to be over folks. Make no mistake. The pawns have all been sacrificed, the Bishops, Castles and Rooks taken and all that is left now are the final few squares on this chessboard that will be referred to for millennia and eons across time as one of the most epic, traumatic and eventful evolutions to ever come into being in the history of all things. You will more than likely witness that transition, because it will be far sooner than man may ever expect. Label me insane now, write this off as delusion, but make no mistake, you are now down to the final wire of your experience as Gai Urth Tarans. That is about to change to either Aqueous Sun Tarans or Weasadek Phantom Matrix Antiparticle Tarans. Take your pick.

Like the fraternity I have worked with since contact, the IAFW, my deepest desire is to see you make this grade. If you have been sitting on the fence about decoding the hive or mission guide, I would suggest you give this another thought. The resonant tone of fear in the human body vibrates at exactly the same Hertz as the metagalactic black hole that has been recorded and measured by science that vanquishes and deletes life. The answers to what that is has been covered so exhaustively in the human handbook series that there is nothing left for me to write other than good luck. This is the transition. If you want to make it, you will stop the fear and welcome your next level.


Be STRONG and be well.

mission guide

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