Dark to Light

Published April 27, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ValiantThor12

Consciousness expansion is a REQUIREMENT to get an understanding of current events. If you’re “rising” you’ll understand what I’m about to convey. If you’re still sleeping? You’ll just think I’m crazy.

Dark to Light. It’s a beautiful saying. Even provides some with strength.

The saying literally gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling bathed in Love.♥️

Here’s the SHITTY PART! The only reason I know the difference between dark and Light is because I’ve EXPERIENCED both! For if I’ve never known the dark then how would I know what the Light is?

Thoth is likely the most noble human that history has hidden from the masses. In the Land of Khem (Ancient Egypt) there are many representations of Thoth with the head of an Ibis. Why? An Ibis has to go deep into the muck to find its sustenance. Thoth went deep into the the “darkness” and conquered death! That is a message to us about the current times. Thoth and all the Masters of the past KNEW the current times would come and they’ve left ancient texts to instruct us. However, the Darkness kept them from us. Until recent years!!!

See where I’m going with this? These times are part of our Evolutionary Plan directly from Creator. We MUST endure the WORST EVIL possible just as Thoth putting his beak into the muck. We humans are LITERALLY each God as a fractal in a holographic simulation but why?

First, we’re Infinite Light Beings having a physical experience on Spiritual Training Center Earth! All of Creation is within each of us. AND I MEAN ALL OF IT! This physical life is more like a video game. Why do you think we humans make so many games? To REMIND OURSELVES!

Second, the worst of the darkness we MUST see, be, and endure is to sharpen us as Creator Beings. Yes! Soon…we will go to the stars and join our Cosmic Family. We’ll then become involved in genetically engineering ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEMS…just like happened to us!

We will literally be able to do ANYTHING we choose to do!

Now fulfill the role you volunteered to come here for! Anchor the Light! Build islands of Light! How? With UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which is your essence!!! Shine your LIGHT STARSEEDS!

The Cavalry has arrived!!!

I want you to know that I love you. And in the last 12 months I’ve learned to love the darkness for the purpose that it serves. I accept it and I use the knowledge to balance my Soul. That’s sort of the point of this experience! Love and Light to all!


Image: Unsplash.com

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