Beloved Friends! April 27

Published April 27, 2020 by tindertender

Indeed It Is A Blessing To Communicate With You In These Moments!

As The Many Challenges Circulate Your Planet, We Bow To All Beings, As Each Has A Purpose And Feel They Are In Survival Mode!

It Is Good To Remind You That Each Soul That Leaves Has Chosen This Before Arrival!

In Knowing This You May Find Great Peace In Remembering You Were Never Meant To Stay Here Permanently!

The Challenge Before You Now Is To Integrate The Monumental Cellular Changes Occurring With Every Being On The Planet.

As Every Moment Brings Change, Surrendering To The Process Will Allow You To Flow And Adapt To Life As It Comes And Goes Like Waves!

Always Remember That Nothing Can Happen To A Single Cell Of Life Without The Power Of The One Sacred Creator.

In Living With Duality In This Realm, It Can Be Perplexing Indeed To Understand Each Perceived Atrocity That All Beings Experience!

Know There Is Always A Greater Purpose That Is Being Served!

A Powerful Soul May Enter And Experience Harm Or Illness As A Small Child And Leave Quickly;

But Know This Soul Came For A Reason!

The Purpose Could Be To Bring Attention To Millions Of Other Little Ones,

In Developing Healing Techniques And Medicines, 

Or Perhaps To Inspire Another And Then Another To Protect The Innocent!

This Is The Power Of The Soul!

It Is Indeed Possible To Find Purpose, Light And Peace In Your World Now!

Know That All Is Working Out As It Should,

And The Best Is Yet To Come!

When The Story Is Complete, You Will Rise In Light And Discover That None Of This Really Matters!

You Arrived As Love And You Will Exit In Amazement!

For This We Honor Your Path!

We Will Remain With You And Assure You, Your Friends In High Places Love You So! +++





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