Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 4-22-2020

Published April 22, 2020 by tindertender

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If I Asked You To Name All That You Love And Cherish,

Would You Remember To Name Yourself?

You Are The Director Of Your Own Story,

The One Who Actually Has The Power And Control!

For Many Become Lost In The Opinions And Projections That Never Stop And If You Listen Long Enough, You Might Believe These Are Your Own Opinions.

In These Moments Where There Is Instant Connection On Multiple Devices, You Can Be Easily Programmed To Fear And Chaos.

When You Began Your Day With Wonderful Intentions And A Heart Full Of Love,

You Might Realize That Your Mood Has Changed Yet Again And You Wonder What To Believe!

This Is The Moment To Return To The Heart Chakra And Find Your True Self!

To Ground Yourself In The Truth Of What Is Real And To Leave The Rest Behind,

Place Your Hands Crossed Over Your Heart And Breathe Deeply!

Many Empaths Are Struggling With Boundaries As They Watch Endless News Of Those Suffering.

These Are Moments To Send Love And Compassion But To Pull Your Energy Back In!

Without These Boundaries, Your Vibrational Frequency Can Be Lowered As You Give Your Energy Away!

Once You Feel Your Strength Again, You May Want To Spend Powerful Moments With Sending Loving Energy To All People And To The Planet,

To Say Thank You To God For The Chance Of BEING.

You Will Make It To The Other Side Of This And You Have Done Many Things Even More Difficult!

You Are A Survivor And A Light Warrior!

Breathe Deeply!

As You Take Each Breath, Remember That You Are Not Breathing At All,

You Are Being Breathed!

Our One Creator Has A Plan For All Life And The Story Of You Will Never End!

With The Ups And Downs Of Each Story,

Know You Are Precious And Arrived With All You Need To Carry You Through!

There Will Be A Moment When You Fully Understand Your Connection To All,

And Soon There Will Be Sounds That Are Faint And Grow Louder As You Look Up And The Laughter Begins,

And The Lights Flash, And The Music Starts,

And The Animals Gather And There Is Only Peace!

We Will Embrace You And Greet You Once Again!

You Are Our Beloved Ones!

I Love You So!


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