Believe In Yourself

Published April 22, 2020 by tindertender

Pleasure should be made a priority – actively seek it. Do not forget what makes you happy. Become more aware of the obstacles to your own pleasure.

If we don’t allow ourselves to experience pleasure, whether it take the form of laughter, play, sensuality, or practicing our talents, we are less than whole. We need to recognize that, over time, we are much less effective in our emotional and public lives if we do not experience regular doses of pleasure. If we focus too much on serious issues and take ourselves too seriously, then our lives are not complete. A big part of pleasure is letting go. This does not mean surrender, as in give up – it simply means to hand over all our stress and worries.

It is wonderful to be alone and to be able to do as one pleases. Independence is a gift. It is time to create your own life. Run your own race. The time has come to focus.

Sometimes maintaining a fierce independence can mean we exclude people and opportunities. If we hold ourselves apart from others, we may not be as empathetic as we could be. We also may forget to have true balance, we need to maintain both the masculine and the feminine energies within us. Should we distance ourselves too much from one or the other, we may not forgive transgressions from the opposite sex easily. It’s important that we stay true to who we are without being too separate from others.

You are encouraged to find a more peaceful and connected way to live. A regular spiritual practice will transform you for the better. Connect more deeply with your own rituals of peace.

You are urged to develop processes and rituals to bring peace into your life. Peace of mind matters – without it, we do not function at our best. Peace permeates all things – not just peace between people but between people and the earth and it’s creatures. It may be time to deal with a certain person more peacefully, react in a calmer manner, or simply listen rather than speak.

Justice will be done for the good of all. Take responsibility for your actions. The chaos in your life will end; natural order will be restored.

We now live in a society where people constantly blame others – and seldom themselves – for things that happen. Some would say the immediate reaction to point a finger at someone has replaced common sense. We are reminded that justice, is natural justice; we must take personal responsibility. True forgiveness of a transgression can only occur after honest admission.

It is time to release an old belief or bad habit. Imbalances of all kinds will fall away. Your pain will soon ease.

The Mayan society was certainly a harsh one of blood and sacrifice, and it’s commonly known that slaves were used as human offerings (their souls were released as gifts to the gods). Of course, human sacrifice is not practiced or sanctioned in modern society, and now there are other ways to set your negative energies free. Think carefully about what it is you wish to unburden and release. As the old saying goes, Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – meaning, do not throw the good out with the bad.

Do not doubt yourself. You can trust yourself. Developing self-trust is a necessary part of positive growth. You will be able to succeed in your goal if you believe in yourself. Sometimes you need to say no.

Overly risky behaviors are not encouraged. It is important to stretch your capabilities in order to learn how to handle new situations, but you cannot presume you can easily handle something difficult without any practice, experience, or notice. It is one thing to trust that you are capable of passing a test, but it’s another to presume you can pass a test without study and effort.

Healthy fierceness is required. Strengthen your physical body. Walk forward in pride and know that you can fight any battle. You need to strike a balance between masculine and feminine.

In their need to be as strong as possible, both physically and mentally, the Amazon’s became ferocious killers and allowed their hatred of men to become so all-encompassing that they left male children to die. To embrace our strength as women, we do not need to hate our opposite; we need to rise above this way of thinking. Women have our own unique power and do not need to imbalance ourselves by always seeking the masculine way of doing things. While the Amazons strapped their breasts so the6 could fire arrows more accurately, today we do not need to deny our biology in order to find our targets.

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Compassion for another’s situation is important at this time. Consider another person’s point of view and choose connection rather than separateness.

For us to find the beginning of true peace and to extend a compassionate hand to others, we must start with compassion for ourselves. Accepting who we are and where we are at without judgement is a wise place to begin. Be kinder to yourself, forgive yourself for your past actions. It may be that you are judging yourself too harshly or even expecting too much of yourself.

You are enough. Build your self-esteem from the inside out. It’s your turn to shine. Be the sunshine in your own life!

We are encouraged to let our light shine. First, we have to understand ourselves a little better and know how truly important we are – to those around us and to the world at large. Without building true self-esteem from the inside out, creating a true love of ourselves, we are limited in what we do.

The effects of low self-esteem can permeate our lives easily! When we don’t love ourselves or when we only rely on others for our love, it is difficult to stay balanced, keep our boundaries, have a healthy body image, be successful, and simply enjoy our lives to the fullest. We see the effects particularly when we shy away from taking positive risks and growing. Having positive self-esteem means we shine, and that is evident for all to see.

You are loved and protected even through the most difficult of trials. This is a time for healing. You need mothering or to use your mothering energy. Magic is happening!

Love is an ALL Powerful Force. Nurture your heart and think on the devotion carried there for love, harmony and peace. Think of Isis, or Mother Mary. Remember the love they’ve shown, and strive to birth it in your own life.

3 comments on “Believe In Yourself

  • It takes practice. Conscious effort. Beginning with our self talk. If we say a negative thing about self, as soon as we realize it, replace the statement in a positive manner. Pretty soon we begin to see the beauty. Bless you on your journey. ❤️


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