Service In The Light

Published April 18, 2020 by tindertender

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I’m finding too many who profess to be “of the Light” who show little respect for free will, especially when it comes to the ET saviors they think will come bearing gifts and free us from our overlords. We created this mess; its our responsibility to fix it.

They really think some group of benevolent ETs will save us. Maybe they will, but even they must allow our free will, not impose theirs on us, regardless of good intentions. Do-gooder aliens can wreak as much havoc as human ones.

That doesn’t mean we can’t request assistance, or them offer it. Only that it is our choice, our desire, and our will to be done – until we all relinquish that will to the Creator’s.

The same thing applies to affairs here on earth. Every soul has the right to make its own choices as best it can, even as illusory as they sometimes appear. You hear that, CCP?

You want to exercise your own free will, not be a servant of someone else’s. So extend that same right to everyone else. Quit telling them what to do or say. Quit manipulating or controlling them. Besides the karmic backlash, service to self is unbecoming of an awakening soul.

You alone are responsible for your existence. Not government. Not NGOs. Not ETs who say they have your best interests at heart. Only you can make a difference in your life. Survive. Just don’t do it at others’ expense. The world needs your best.

If you want freedom, you’re going to have to work for it. No one will give it to you. But if you have it, everyone wants to take it.

If you’re channeling entities that seem to advocate interfering in our development to save us from some evil, check your filters. Imposing your distortions and desires on your followers does them a great disservice.

Declaring our sovereignty and freeing ourselves from controller rule is an important step in our evolution. ET interference would deny us that growth and substitute another group of “controllers” to make decisions for us, regardless of stated intentions otherwise.

The responsibility for awakening to (and stopping) the controllers and their abuse lies with us, the ones who suffer the consequences. If you’re waiting for some ET to swoop in and “save” us, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath waiting. If we don’t act, no one will.

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